Sept: National Sewing Month

I’m so used to sewing away here in my studio, that I had no idea there was a National Sewing Month!  (frequently the last to know here, so I won’t let it bother me!)  And, it’s been around since Ronald Reagan was president!

I have been doing my part, to keep the sewing machines humming here, in honor of the event.  See more details at

Mostly mending and alterations have been consuming my sewing time, nothing very exciting or creative.  I’m getting caught up with some clients as well as adding in a couple new ones each week.  (Yea! for Craigslist ads!)

As the icon says………….I truly do Sew for the Love of it!  My sewing studio has always been my haven, my space where no one else ventures (unless you count the dog………….and even he knows enough to just stay on his cushion!)  Nothing gets me quite as excited as a new project………..or figuring out a solution for a client.  I’ve sewn for as long as I can remember, which is saying alot these days!

Credit goes to my parents, who both loved all things hand made & instilled in me the idea I could make anything I wanted to.  What a gift! My paternal grandmother also was an inspiration as she turned out custom creations from her treadle sewing machine, tearing pattern pieces free hand from newspapers!  I wish I had half her talent!  And, lastly, there was my high school sewing arts instructor, Myrna Hilyer.  What a woman.  She wore a new dress every day I think.  Always proudly exclaiming about how she had pulled the outfit together for under $5.00….sometimes much less.  A creative wonder, she was!  She was re-purposing items before it became fashionable!

I need to quit reminiscing, and get to some real sewing, as I’ve got deadlines for tomorrow…………..that are not close to finished yet.


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