How Could I Have Less Time?

With my foster kiddo back in school, I mistakenly thought (and actually planned as if) I would have more time to sew, see clients and generally spend more uninterrupted time in my studio.  How wrong was I?  There is NO time.  And, with the first week being only 3 days and this past week being only 4 days…………it hasn’t added up to much free time on my end.

Since my kiddo is on the spectrum, he does have some oddities………..and sure enough, the school has a new to the district RN, who grabbed my guy right off.  He was itching & she concluded we had a flea infestation at our home……..would I please take care of it?  Well, if there were fleas, yes.  However, she failed to note the itching was only on 2 limbs, on the same side, and only the lower parts.  What flea is only going to bite the right side of someone?  Plus, the whole anxiety disorder bit, with a new school AND a new place to live, I’d just bet that was more the culprit.  Anyway, a couple days were taken up with more doctor appts and then paperwork back to the school from the Dr,  who said my kiddo  had nothing that was contagious, and no, we didn’t have fleas!  So, there went the first week.

The second week brought the addition of therapy, which required my attendance at the intake interview.  Another half day.

And, the time has just slipped away and here it is October.  How did that happen anyway?  I don’t have much to show for September.  I forgot to mention that the school has not held the IEP meeting as yet.  So, we’re over the 30 day time frame now.   A multitude of phone calls re; this issue have been ongoing.  Why the phone??  The entire district has had no email for the past two weeks!  I’m sure that added to everyones’ frustration as we tried to get this new guy registered.

So, there is my sob song.  I just need to get better with my time & how I use it.  Nothing else is really going to change.



Create Something Daily Challenge:  I do this without thinking anymore.  It’s been 9 months since I started the challenge.  What a FAST year this has been.

Today I worked for what seemed like forever on a couple client orders.  They were both supposed to be picked up tomorrow, but due to a family schedule change, they had to be upped to today…………So, the sewing room was in a whirlwind until about 2PM.

I’ve begun sewing the pile of granny squares together to construct the 5 Christmas Socks.

What a time consuming project.  The directions with the actual pattern are no help………….as the sock I’m copying for the client, was made with the pattern as an “idea” only.  So, I’m writing the new pattern as I go, and by the time I get 5 done, I’ll be able to recite it!  🙂

The hat bands & side ruffles are done and blocked for the 2 custom order Cloche’s.  Was hoping to get the stitches picked up for one of the hats tonight…………but, no……I’m too tired to tackle a project that requires more math than my head will process on a good day!  I want one of them ready to knit before Wed, as I’m going to Knit Group again, and these hats make an easy project to work on whilst visiting.

I did take a picture of where I worked on the hat bands this past week…………..

When I’ve got time to myself, I typically head to the park at the beach.  Quiet, no phone, my knitting and maybe a cup of coffee.  Doesn’t get much better.  I cast on both bands for the hat at the same time, and worked them up together.  I forget that trick to make somewhat boring little things go faster.

I’m going to head into October with a couple new schedule ideas.  I need to get a different calendar for myself, I’ve been using one that is too small, and I seem to need a bit more room, now that I’ve got the school related items on it too.  I know I’m still ‘old school’ and using a real calendar, perhaps this next year is the year I move to a fancy pants phone that has a calendar/organizer with it.

I’m also going to incorporate the crock pot into the regularly scheduled meals here!  That and a soup night weekly………… well as a breakfast for dinner night too.  More planning will give me more time………..I know that rule!  (just let it slide lately)

I’ve already moved a sewing machine into the common area upstairs, so I’ve been able to work on smaller items while waiting on a client, or supervising a kiddo.  I really do hate to just sit.  In fact, I’m not sure I could!

And, I’m going to quit promising items for clients in a week.  Too short for me these days.  I’m going to add a couple days and shoot for a pick up appt in 10 days.  That will ease things up a bit.  I have been passing on a few jobs coming my way from the Craigs list ad too………..several this week that really need someone with upholstery skills and a couple that had deadlines that would have pushed me over the edge.   (patting myself on the back here)

Time’s up, I’ve got wine chilling and knitting to do.



4 thoughts on “How Could I Have Less Time?

  1. You are a busy person! Like your ‘fancy pants phone’ line, it made me laugh out loud. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but I think it will be inspiring to keep an eye out on your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I think its wonderful that you have a foster child, I would really like to foster children in my future years.
    It never ceases to amaze me the way some people with medical training jump to conclusions (read: judgement) without truly thinking about or gathering information to help them and ultimately their patient. I was looking into getting the cervical cancer vaccine and the doctor said to me “you won’t get cervical cancer unless you’re a skanky ho”.
    Your work is lovely, I hope you find more time for it.

    • You Are My Sunshine was a staple in our house too! Every night as we got tucked in…..and I continued it with my son. I don’t know how little he was when he already knew all the words!

      My favorite was The Old Mill Stream, however. Loved the extra parts my mom would throw in, after most of the lines.

      The sad part is………..absolutely none of our family can sing! Not a note! 🙂 Must be why I was taught to sew & learned all the hand arts so early on. 🙂

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