I Love Custom Orders………but~

This doesn’t look like much yet………….but, it is so close to being finished, I thought it deserved an “in progress” photo.  One of two hats (Side Ruffle Cloche)  for a custom order from the Etsy store.   Both hats should be finished this week end, and packed to ship out on Monday.

If I can scare up a couple more hours this weekend, I’m hoping to put together the Christmas Stockings too.  I have the granny squares assembled in sections, if that makes any sense…. Now, I just need to start putting the sections together, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle.  Then, some single crochet bands for the tops of the socks…………oh, and 2 of them have names to be embroidered too.  Maybe another week to finish these up???  I’d love to have them completed in October, so I’m not still fussing on a Christmas item as we get closer to the holidays.

And, then, there is the single crochet baby blanket!  It is almost a quarter of the way now………….within a couple rows of the pattern actually starting…..so, it will get a bit more interesting, however, I won’t be able to work on it without concentrating!  Always a trade-off!


Since I have so much work on the books, I’m seriously considering putting a ‘hold’ on custom orders for a bit.  I’d love to keep creating special items for clients, but until I come up with more hours a day, or hire a team of elves who work during the night here………………..I think I’d better hold the line here.  Currently 8 pieces…………(will be 6 on Monday) but, that is still a HUGE amount of work due!



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