My Dog Likes to Knit!

This is Miko.  Our little dog who has been with us for 5 years now……… great Craigslist find for sure!

   I have knit for decades, and hadn’t given much thought to Miko having picked up any behaviors related to knitting…..but, this week, I’ve realized Miko has added another sentence he recognizes.

Miko, Want to go knit?

At this point, no matter where we are, he  heads to my ‘knitting chair’, where my great Ott light is and waits for me to sit down.  (and no, this isn’t where clients items are worked on, not to worry)   Sometimes he will head to my chair, and turn around, as if to ask  “haven’t you got any knitting to do?”

Funny little guy!



There is progress on the knitting front.  I have Hat #2 almost finished, down to the double point needles and half way through the decreases.  Should be finished this evening, if I step away from the computer!

The baby blanket is at the point I will be starting the motif as soon as the hats are shipped.  And, then there are the ever present Christmas Stockings!  I must gather up my sections and sew one together, so I can get some momentum on this project!  I hate it when a simple project just looms in front of me!

Must go, the hat is beckoning!


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