Too Busy for Regular Posts Here

Apologies for my absence here.  Crocheting has taken over my life!  🙂  (and a bit of knitting too)

These two hats were shipped out early this week.  So fun to knit, with the double ruffle being the first thing you do.  I knit both hats at the same time, so they really seemed to finish up quickly.

Ready to Ship!









           They are from the book, Boutique Knits which I love, love, love!  So many great patterns, most of them different from the norm.


Here’s my hat listed in the Etsy shop:




Besides getting this order completed and shipped off to their new home, I’ve been crocheting!  And, more crocheting.  I now have all 5 of the Christmas stockings assembled (minus the band at the top)  This feels like a huge step towards completion………..I do feel like I’m on target to have the order ready for pick up by Halloween.

Amazing.  Pretty sure I don’t want to work on Christmas green & red for a bit however!  🙂

I’m plugging away on the single crochet baby blanket now too.  A nice break from the red & green!  It is now large enough, it has been transferred to a HUGE bag instead of a typical sized project bag.  Feels like progress, but I’m still less than half way on this blanket!

The next custom project just arrived and I’m thrilled to tackle it.  No pictures yet, but I will take time to capture this as it currently is.  I’ve been given the task of completing another persons project, which I’m hoping to match in tension and technique.  The project has been started, but due to serious health issues, Ruth is not able to complete this little sweater for the new great grand daughter born this week.  I am itching to get started on this, as time is of the essence here.  First I need to figure out where in the pattern the project is………..  Figure out what size hook has been used……….and dig through some of my stash to come up with some suitable  yarn to use for the contrast trim featured in the pattern.  (vintage pattern from Womens Day I think)   Lots of work prior to getting started on the actual project!

Besides the crocheting, I’ve got a pair of knitted fingerless gloves half done. These are a special order for Melinda………to match this Infinity Scarf she picked up in the first 5 minutes it was listed in the Etsy shop!

Melindas' Scarf

I learned a valuable lesson with this project!  Make notes!  Lots of notes.  I knit this scarf out of my head, making up the yarn changes as well as the pattern stitches I stuck in here & there.  So, when Melinda asked for mitts to match…………you can see my dilemma.  Fortunately, the scarf was here long enough for me to take some REALLY detailed pictures, as well as some after-the-fact notes!  I also need to think of offering matching items, or sets like this will end up being.

And, just to show I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs……………here’s a new item I added to the shop this week!

Newest Listing

Writing about the week & the work at hand, feels just as packed as it really is!  Must get a couple hours of crocheting in NOW…………will aim to update here soon, about the new little baby sweater!



2 thoughts on “Too Busy for Regular Posts Here

  1. Melinda is pleased to note that to TG dinner I wore the fantastic infinity scarf and the matching mitts and had people fawning all over me until I got too hot and had to (reluctantly) take them off. Had a nice meal and glad TG is over! The scarf and mitts are so beautiful! My new favorites. I just wish the scarf would quite turning it’s self inside out… I want the bobbles to show on the OUTSIDE, not just *know* that they are hiding on the inside!

  2. Melinda: Thanks for the ‘follow”! I will have to put bobbles on both sides of infinity scarves……never thought about them migrating to the inside. You have such great ideas!

    I too, am glad Thanksgiving is over. The good thing here is, there is enough food to last for the weekend, so no cooking…………just knitting & sewing for a few days! That is my holiday!

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