Coming Up for Air!

I have been crocheting for weeks now.  Maybe months.  I’ve lost track of time.  It seems that most of the custom orders have been crochet……..with the exception of 2 knit hats and a pair of knit fingerless gloves.  Both of those are done.  Well, the gloves are done….they just need to be stitched together and packaged.    Close enough to DONE, that I’m going to count it!

The Crocheted Granny Square Christmas stockings are hovering on the brink of being DONE also!  Can’t believe it.  I think I’ve been working on these throughout the summer………..but I can now see the end.  All that is left is the little loops crocheted to the tops, so they can be hung from the mantle.  I’ll try to contain my excitement when these are picked up!  🙂

I have to work on the baby blanket in the sewing studio now, it is too big to be taken anywhere….   So, that is limiting the time I can spend on this project.  I had promised my foster son a trip to the park, so he could ride his new to him bicycle.  Since the blanket couldn’t go……….I took a crocheted scarf with me …………and finished it.  Not a custom order, but something for the shop!  Seems like it has been ages since I could just ‘play’ with yarn!

Chunky Crocheted Scarf by Stitchknit

This was an experiment, inspired by the custom order to complete the crocheted baby sweater.  I loved the stitch the pattern used for the body of the sweater and wondered what it would look like in a bulky yarn!  Here is the result……..and I’m so happy it looks the same way it looked in my imagination.   The baby sweater is another story……

I finished the body of the sweater & needed to attach more yarn to do the sleeves……..when I realized the 5 skeins that were included with the sweater, were not the same as the one I had been working with.  NO MORE YARN.  Stopped in my tracks.  I have a call into the client, to see if there is a chance the wrong yarn was put into “my” bag.  If that isn’t the solution, I’m thinking I need a quick trip to the yarn store.  I really want to finish this project, as it is for a woman who was making it for a new great grand-daughter (who was born last week).  This woman has terminal cancer, and did not feel well enough to finish the sweater………….so I’m almost driven to make this sweater just appear!  I found contrast yarn in my stash for the trim around the edges, that really is a match for the yarn in the picture on the pattern.  (vintage Womans’ Day)  There is a little bonnet too, which I had planned to do as a surprise……….but with no yarn at all, I’m stuck.  Monday is my first opportunity to hit the local yarn store………..I’m hoping I can find a workable match, or something mighty close.

Since I finished the crocheted scarf at the park, I grabbed project #2 that I had taken with me ……..and managed to finish the toe decreases on sock #2.  I don’t think I can remember a time I had NO socks on the needles.   Decades at least.  (must cast on something quickly!!)

Putting all this in writing makes me wonder if I got anything else done today!  🙂  I have been taking my own advice and sticking to some new “rules” around here.  First & foremost are the meals. I hate to cook, and belong to that group of people who can’t really figure out why kitchens are featured so prominently anyway!  I have had one MAJOR cooking day, where I managed to get 3 huge pans of chicken enchiladas in the freezer (yeah,  me!) I’ve also stuck to the new rule of a soup meal one night a week, tonight………..and breakfast one night a week.  I’ve also cancelled all desserts!  This one is really working for me!  Sewing, knitting and crocheting are decidedly not aerobic activities & desserts are not a good plan for me.  Saves time, saves calories…….it is a win-win.

The other item that is off the regular TO DO list here are the gardening chores.  I’m a fair-weather gardener, and Seattle’s’ fair weather is a thing of the past.  We are in the rain-soaked, wind and fog season now……….for oh, the next 9 or 10 months or so.  I parked the mower and put away my gardening tools, so that did free up quite a few hours a week.  I’ll miss the fresh veggies, but not the actual, digging, trimming and tidying up that was required.

My only other idea to make  some time each week, is to start using the crock pot!  I plan to do this tomorrow, by simmering the weeks hot cereal in it.  Cook it once, pop it in the fridge and breakfast is pretty much a do it yourself event!

Anyone else have ideas for creating more time to CREATE ?


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