And, the stockings were all hung……………

So Many Granny Squares!

I finally did it!  I finished the Christmas Stockings.  I was flying pretty high all afternoon, and had called the client, letting her know she could pick these up this week…..     And, guess what?  See those socks that don’t have names on them?   I was asked to put names on 2 of them, which I did…….but there is one more kiddo, born a week ago I guess.  And, another little one is due Nov. 11th!  So, I’m not quite done.  😦

I discovered I can “write” with yarn, after adding Kailey and Breanne to the socks.  I gave some thought to how to get the names embroidered………..tracing, marking the yarn somehow?  And, when I couldn’t figure out anything that seemed workable, I just started stitching free hand.  Or free thread as the case may be.  Pretty fun!  My only hope is the new baby has a short name!  These socks are only so wide!

I also added a pair of womens socks to the Etsy shop today.

I was so tempted to keep them for myself, but just how many pairs of socks does one person need??  My sock drawer overfloweth! I do love wearing hand made socks tho.  They feel so cushy.  Could be why I love fall & winter!  I get to wear my collection of hand knit socks!  🙂

Since I had 2 projects finished today………..and neither of them were small, nor quick……………..I decided to pick up some thread and a small crochet hook and make a collection of crocheted flowers.  I’m aiming to add brooch pins to them, as well as find something interesting for the centers….and get them in the shop this week.  I’ve had to come up with some smaller, more portable projects & these fit the bill.  (our school district had a 3 day weekend this weekend…and it seems like my kiddo has been home for weeks not days)  I’ve had to supervise him closely, as he can’t remember how to treat our dog.  So, little projects abound now……….I’ve got yarn, patterns, hooks & needles everywhere.  No work in the sewing studio…….but I did get lots done over the last 3 days.

Tomorrow is a big sewing day.  Lots of appointments scheduled, both here and at the retirement home I visit weekly.  And, I’m going to have time to check the stores for yarn to match the crocheted baby sweater my client sent the wrong yarn for.

Speaking of stores………….    I am anxious to see the new Hobby Lobby store that is supposed to be opening this month in our area.  I read other blogs, and see mention of this store often………..hoping it lives up to the hype.  Not that I need more yarn, or anything!  🙂




2 thoughts on “And, the stockings were all hung……………

  1. Where could I find the pattern for these granny squared christmas stockings? It’s my grandson first Christmas and I’ve been looking for a pattern that looks just like the christmas stocking that my grandfather got for me on my first christmas. I’ve seen lots of patterns, but non quite right. And then I saw yours with the green toes and heels. They are just what I’ve been looking for. Please help…I’m a little sentimental when it concerns traditions…wanting to get it just right.

    • Tracy Jo

      I took a copy of this pattern before sending the completed stockings and the original pattern off with the client. (as recently as last night!……..we were waiting for one more baby to be born, so I had the name to embroider on the top)

      So, I’ve got a copy, although, it is not a great one………and it is for more than the version I pictured here on the blog. Do you want to send me your mailing address?? I’d be happy to get this off to you on Monday. There are markings on it from the original crocheter……..but I think you can make out the pattern.

      Let me know!


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