My Top 10 for Exercising my Creativity

I’ve been thinking alot about creativity lately and doing some things to maximize what seems to be a teensy little bit of brain matter here this week!   (had a 4 day school week last week………..resulting in a 3 day weekend………which translates to me being sorely short of brain cells this week)

1)  Make a conscious effort to think of doing my normal every day tasks in a creative fashion.  Meals are always an area I can flex my creative brain!

2)  Switch up my schedule; plan to do my work at different times.

3)  Change what I’m listening to in the studio, or spend the time quietly to be really different.

4)  Make changes to routines.  Brew a pot of tea instead of coffee in the morning.  Take a different route to pick up the kiddo from school.  (this has become such a habit with me now, I’m not sure if it qualifies…………    I’m always looking for ways to insure I’m not in a rut!)

5)  Be with others I admire for their creativity.  It is an attribute that “rubs off”!   (so grateful for the weekly knitting group)

6)  Learn something new daily.  I aim to do this anyway, but I’m really concentrating on learning a new tip, technique or resource pertaining to my craft of knitting, crocheting or sewing.  I love the Create TV channel for this.  Sewing, knitting, crocheting and quilting shows give me something different to listen to while working………AND, it never fails, I learn something new each time I catch a segment.

7)  Remembering to Fill Up My Bucket!  I’ve always thought about myself as a bucket needing to be filled with good stuff, so I can do good, or produce good ‘stuff’.  For me, the most important item I need to include is alone time.  I don’t get much of this…………but, wow, is it important to my well-being.  I’ve learned to re-charge quickly, but I’ve also been concentrating on getting some bigger chunks of time to just sit at the beach, take a walk, or cuddle up with the dog! Doing anything that makes me feel good fits into this category.

8)  Getting regular sleep.  I can feel my creative juices ebbing if I’m tired. I need to remember to keep really restful sleep at the top of my list! Turning off the computer would be a great idea!  🙂

9)  Right after a great nights sleep, comes the rest of remembering to take care of myself.  I’m heading in a veggie sort of direction, feeling more positive the further I head down this path.  Vitamins, way less sugar, limiting the white flour sorts of items….it all goes along with taking care of myself.  If I’m wanting to think better, I’d better take greater care to see I’m able to fire on all cylinders!

10)  Lists.  Lists of lists.  Ideas for lists.  I have notebooks of lists.  Specifically, I’ve been writing this year, keeping an ongoing journal with myself.  Each night I list some of the things I did during the day that I considered creative.  And, in the AM, (when I can catch a minute here) I list a couple things I want to accomplish in the studio that day.  All these snippets of writing and sketching, seem to be feeding my creativity.  So far, just getting the ideas out of my head and onto paper seem to be enough for me!

What do you do to insure your creativity is being ‘exercised’?






7 thoughts on “My Top 10 for Exercising my Creativity

  1. Turn off the computer at night! If I don’t, I get over-stimulated and can’t sleep. Like too much sugar. As a writer, I am hooked, for now, on writing a Drabble. Exactly 100 words to tell a logical story – it really makes you edit, edit, edit. I get bored easily, so who knows how many I will write. My novel finished, just sitting there. Best place for me, in the woods by a creek.
    Loved your thoughts on recharging – now the Mac is going to sleep.

  2. countrybydesign: Reading magazines related to ones’ craft is a great idea. Thanks for the reminder! I forget the library & all the books & magazines just waiting for me!

    trailblazer1: I so agree! My computer is the worst time stealer around. I have been doing better, setting a time limit of an hour here at the computer……..but it is a struggle!

    • Hi Stichy,
      I work at home – I do newsletters, articles, photos and press releases for an international non-profit. My husband, who also writes, plays football and Flight Sim10, is on the computer much more than I am.

      I often wonder what we would be doing in our retirement without the computer and our dog, Max. I would still be writing on a yellow legal pad, using a typewriter and cutting and pasting stuff for the work I do – there would be no email – just more meetings and post office time.
      Have a great day – adding you to my blogroll:)

  3. Loved your creativity in thinking up how to do the mundane. My husband complains that I “do” too many crafts and such. I think of it as keeping my creative spark open to new ideas.

  4. bjackmom: ……gasp………. Too many crafts? Never heard of such a thing! 🙂
    I notice I drag out pieces of fabric, trim or yarn when I’m actually working on something else. I was looking for ribbon to wrap an order with, and a snippet of wire edged pink ribbon caught my eye & imagination. So far, it’s going to be a flower for a scarf pin. Currently……….it’s a scrap of ribbon draped over my lamp that sits next to my main machine. 🙂 An idea waiting to become something…. I like to have things sitting about, so my mind can sort of work the idea over before I have the time to do the actual work. Like your comment about keeping your creative spark open……….if my materials are out where I can see & touch them, my mind starts cranking out ideas!
    ………….too many crafts? …………..I don’t think it’s possible!

    Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!


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