What I’ve Been Up To

Just sittin’ around!  Truly.  No time to do anything BUT sit around AND crochet.  I’ve got so much work on the TO DO list, it is going to take a small army of little crocheting & knitting elves to make any progress.

This is the baby sweater project for Client R.  She had started the sweater, using the vintage pattern seen here, but is not feeling well enough to finish up this little item (plus the matching bonnet) for her great grand daughter.  The yarn that I was given, did not match; both the color & the ply were not a match.  I found new yarn yesterday …………at the grand opening of our little towns new Hobby Lobby!  …………  Hopefully, my work and the new yarn will blend in.  There is a border to be added to the sweater, and it is going to be in a contrast color, so perhaps that will draw the attention away from any questionable ‘bits’.

I think this type of project is my all-time favorite.  Finishing another crocheter or knitters project because for whatever reason, they are unable…….is just such a privilege.  I’m hoping I have enough time to finish this up tomorrow & let the client know………..   I’m feeling like speed is important, this project has gone to the top of my list.

This is a hat with ear flaps, and some new ribbon I’ve been waiting on in order to finish this up.  Slated for the Etsy Shop, this might get done this month.  Not a priority however.

The pair of mitts to match this scarf, for Client M.    Prettier in person, full of texture, bobbles, rows of dropped stitches, sparkles and fuzzy bits.  I did learn a lesson on this project…..    I knit the scarf in what I call ‘freehand’ knitting.  Fun, pretty & original.  However………….no notes, so making a pair of mitts to match was a trick.  Making multiple notes to self here…………Write it down!!!!!

More mitts………….to match a scarf.  (no pics of the scarf for some reason)   For client R.  A beautiful, fun knit and a welcome change for my hands.  Everything else on the list currently is crochet.  AND, single crochet too!  Double yarn, big needles, these mitts are done, and assembled.  Just need to finish around the thumb holes and make a little strap to go across the wrist area.  The scarf is over half way done……….using the Universal Scarf Pattern.


Back to work here!


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