Knitting, Crocheting and a Pizza?

It’s been a busy week………….I’m going to update with pictures!

The custom order for Client R.   My go-to Universal Scarf pattern and an original design for the mitts.  Yummy to knit, with 2 strands of Bernats Satin.  All done & ready to deliver tomorrow.

For such a tiny item, this seemed to  take forever.  It started out to be one of the new scarf pin, but after setting it on my hand, it needed to be a ring!  Small catch, I had no ring blanks.  Thank goodness for Etsy!  Today, the glue gun, the ring and the flower all came together.  So sweet!    See some other pictures of it here in the Etsy Shop.


And, finally a picture of something creative coming out of the kitchen!

So yummy!  Fresh mozzarella, zucchini from the garden (the last of the harvest), onions, olives and tomatoes …………….all on home made crust.


Now, back to work here.  Painfully slow going on the crocheted baby blanket.  I’m into the center of the blanket now, and working on the fire truck motif.  Fun to see it taking shape!  Maybe some pics of this project by next weekend.


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