Blue for Christmas?

I’ve been going through my fabric stash and trying to pare it down.  I’m in the process of listing some of the blue fabrics, as an alternative to all the typical red & green at this time of year.  I love the blue & gold……………….



I have all the fabrics listed in the Etsy shop here.


Still working on the crocheted baby blanket.  Pictures forthcoming, as the buyer emailed today asking about the progress.  It is slow going, at best.  The project is now too big to take with me, so it has to be done here in the studio………….cutting down my available hours for it.   I am in the middle of the fire engine motif now, so there is a ton of color changing to do, and multiple balls of yarn I’ve been handling as bobbins.  I’m scared to do the math on this one…………    How long does a row take?  How many hours a day can I put in on this?           And, what year will I finish this????    I’d better get back to work!  🙂


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