Custom Order Update

I figure I’m half way through the fire engine design…………….a custom order for Client M.  I’m done with the multiple color rows, and now down to just red & white for a bit……..before getting into some 3 colored rows for the wheels.

Then, I’m heading quickly towards the bottom of the blanket, and the 3 rows of stripes to match the top.  Whew!  This has been a time consuming project, but a great sit & watch TV sort of event.  It is too big………..and too white……… take anywhere, so it is limited to a certain spot in the house these days.  No dog, no company, no clients………….just me & my fire truck!  🙂

I figure there will be dozens of ends to weave in, then the childs name to cross stitch on the truck…………then, there are some tiny design features I chose not to put in with the pattern, but to add on top.  (door handles, head lights, window partitions, etc)  I found that the single crochet isn’t optimum for making vertical lines in the pattern.  Works well for the horizontal, but I think the cross stitch additions will look better.


Back to work here!


2 thoughts on “Custom Order Update

  1. Nope, no fireman. I am going to put the new kiddos name on the truck, as per the buyers request. I’m ending up liking the blanket & the design more, as I get further on the project. It’s cuter in yarn, than on paper!

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