Sidelined Due To…………A Crocheting Injury?

That’s right.  I’ve crocheted so many hours………..for so many days…………my left arm no longer works!  Not exactly true.  It works, but hurts like I’ve moved a piano around.

I’m on the final third of the custom order baby blanket, which is the single crochet culprit here.  I’m taking a few days off, and locking up my crochet hook, to see if my arm will relax & go back to normal.

The blanket is looking like the pattern, which is good.  There are, conservatively, a hundred ends to weave in now!  The yarn is acrylic, and I’m concerned as to how best to accomplish the weaving in bit.  Would love any tips from knitters & crocheters out there!  The yarn is a bit shiny, therefore, a bit ‘slippy’, and ends just come right back out.  hmmmm……   Not good.  (working with yarn sent to me by the client)

If there were just a couple ends, I might think about stitching them in……….but, that doesn’t seem like the right idea here.  I think it would show like crazy.

With luck, this won’t get used much & it will hold up OK.

Pictures of the blanket might show up this week………although they might get upstaged by the turkey & all the prep that goes with the dinner.



We had a smattering of snow here in the Pacific Northwest, which always changes peoples schedules.  I ended up with more sewing time than I had planned, since a couple of my clients rescheduled.  Nice.  I’m caught up now, through Wednesday!  Love that feeling.  I truly love to sew, but I really dislike sewing up against a deadline.

Tomorrow the weather is to warm up, so my schedule will be back to normal.  I’m going to do anything but crochet, crossing my fingers my arm quits hurting!



5 thoughts on “Sidelined Due To…………A Crocheting Injury?

    • trailblazer1: It’s supposed to be, but deadlines cause me to knit (or in this case, crochet) longer than I should. I need to remember to switch up the jobs here, and give my arm a rest. Odd that it is the arm that just holds the project, not the one wielding the hook.

  1. I have zero knitting or crochet advice…but if your arm hurts, I can be of some assistance here. There is this gel called Silicum G-5 Gel that you put a thin coat on the area that hurts, let it set for a few minutes then massage it in. While massaging, it will form little balls and flake off and be slightly messy, but….dang… that stuff works! It’s expensive ($60 for a 500 ml jar) and I’d be happy to drop off a sample for you.

    Um, when do you ever sleep, woman?

    • Not much sleeping going on here! Where do you get the messy gel stufF? And, yes, I’d love a sample! I’ve switched to knitting, and that has helped, but the crochet blanket seems to be following me around…………calling for me to finish it up & get it in the mail.

      • There are lots of places to buy it on the net, but I will bring you a sample the next time I see you or am in your area. But that baby blanket is killing you! Don’t let it happen! ~~M

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