Quick New Additions to the Etsy Shop

Finally, a couple new additions to the Etsy shop.

Similar styles, same yarn…………just a different colorway.  Just what I needed, a fun little knit project.  With company over the holiday, and foster kiddo home from school for 5 days……my schedule wasn’t really MY schedule at all.  Little projects were just perfect for the sitting & visiting time……..and great for the waiting time whilst  taking my kiddo to the park with his bike.

I love these mitts!  Ultra soft, chunky yarn, and basically neutral looking.  They would go with almost anything.  I wear mine inside the house, they are perfect for working on the laptop!  I’ve made a couple pair from lycra, that I wear when sewing or knitting to keep my hands warm.

The crochet baby blanket is coming along, albeit slowly.  3 more rows of white, and I get to start on the border stripes.  I’m making myself stick to the plan of working some of the ends in EACH time I work on the blanket, so it won’t be such a chore when I actually finish the crocheting.  Between the 5 crocheted granny square Christmas stockings and this Firetruck Baby Blanket, I’ve almost decided I prefer knitting over crocheting!

Back to work………..I have mountains of work in the sewing room, calling my name.


3 thoughts on “Quick New Additions to the Etsy Shop

  1. they look great! wrong time of year for me to think about wearing woollens… we have even started having our summer bushfires already. I like to wear these in winter when I use the computer too.

  2. I do think of others when I write……….I realize only half of us are experiencing the cold, wet, gray weather at the moment. However, my cold hands usually win out! On the flip side, our summers are so wet & chilly too………..i don’t ever have to stop knitting!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you for sharing your blog with us and I hope to connect with you on facebook. My shop on Facebook is Angels Handmade Treasures and you can see more of what I do and create there. So please like my page and I will do the same for yours. We all need to help out the small businesses of America and help promote each others store. I do appreciate all the help as I do the same for you.

    Nicole Goard
    Angels Handmade Treasures

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