A Crocheting Milestone!

There is progress, after all the hours & hours of single crochet stitches…………..   This is the custom order baby blanket, with the main part of the blanket FINISHED!  There are what seems like hundreds of ends to weave in & finish off……….plus, some cross stitch additions to the design……………oh, and the name of the baby added to the side of the truck.  So, it isn’t technically finished, but I’m still flyin’ fairly high, just knowing the single crochets are now done!

Custom Order Baby Blanket

I couldn’t even figure out how to take a picture of this project!  It fills up my cutting table!  🙂

I might even have some time to work on other projects pretty soon!  I have been crocheting for months it seems; the custom order Christmas stockings and then this baby blanket.  Other projects have taken a back seat.  Can’t wait to get to some knitting or sewing…………..and I don’t want to take on anything with single crochet stitches for………….oh, years & years!  🙂




5 thoughts on “A Crocheting Milestone!

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