Newest Listings & Other Musings

I took the foster kiddo to the park today, since we are having a run on decent weather here in the Pacific Northwest…………..and this scarf was the result.  (besides having a kid that was pooped AND starving)  🙂   Loved knitting this, it was mindless…………just knit 3 rounds, then purl one round……and repeat until I ran out of yarn. It drapes beautifully, and is short enough, it really hugs the neckline.    Can’t decide what to call the color however.  Light green, gray………greenish gray.    Colors on yarn labels aren’t much help when trying to convey the actual color of an item.  Cutesy, catchy names don’t give a clue as to what color it really is.

Also finished up this pair of fingerless mitts …………within the last couple days.  Memory obviously slipping here, can’t remember what day!  I picked up some stitches at the wrist and did a twisted strip, going across the back of the hand, and buttoned it on the outside of the wrist.  Fun to knit.  (and I think that is the main reason I knit…………to knit the fun stuff!)

Still working on the crocheted baby afghan………….Down to the finishing at this point.  Endless finishing.  It is probably a good thing I didn’t count the actual number of ends I needed to work in…….it would have made me scream!

Many sewing clients here at the ‘day job’.  I’ve opted to continue the advertising in the local paper………..This past year, I was not totally sold on the results, but the last 4–5 months have certainly picked up.  I’m getting 3-4 calls a week, all leading to appointments and work.  I’ve come to the conclusion, there is no one else living in my county that sews!

So, I’m alternating between weaving in ends on the blanket and hemming an unending pile of slacks, skirts and coats.  And, in between those, I’m squeezing in almost daily trips to the park.  My kiddo has pretty much NO way to entertain himself here at the house.  I’ve tried to come up with some ideas, but nothing has worked as well as the bike at the playfield.  I did buy a couple of hand held games which I’ll put in his Christmas stocking……..crossing my fingers he likes them and he can figure out how to play…….. and doesn’t break them before school starts in January.  Not a clue if these will do the trick, but ever the optimist, I bought them anyway.

Trying not to think of how long the Christmas break is going to feel like.  At this point, it hasn’t started yet, but I’m already having difficulty thinking up things to do with my guy.    The whole idea of the “vacation” is making me tired.


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