Where Have I Been?

That is a good question.  I started the post, to share one of my new favorite things with you………….and was reminded that I haven’t been keeping up here lately!  Apologies.

First thing……………I decided to make a quick post today, as I’m swamped in the sewing room.  I’ve been enjoying a new to me TV channel in the sewing room, where I’m spending most of my life  these days!  I looked up the website here and discovered the channel has existed for 5 years!  Where in the world have I been?  Had no idea this channel and all the terrific creative shows were being offered.  I’ve got one of the sewing shows on right now, and most all the time, I can pick up a new hint/trick……….see a new product reviewed, or at the very least, get a reminder of some technique I know, but hadn’t used for awhile.

Besides the shows that are about fabric & fiber………..there is creative type programing 24 hours a day!  What a great alternative to typical TV.  Some of my favorites are the travel shows, which make the time just fly as I’m working.

And, a quick update on the progress in the studio & my absence here.  I am still working on the crocheted baby blanket…………..Although, I can see the end of this one!  Hate to name a date, but I do think it is going to be boxed up for mailing within days at this point.  I have learned so much on this project, and have been inspired to look into getting some of the art work that is in my head………….transferred to patterns…………..and offered in the Etsy shop.   I just have to figure out the technical part!  🙂  Adding this to my TO DO list now………….

A couple holiday related jobs are keeping me in the sewing room too.    These remind me of how much I dislike sewing deadlines.  The time schedule and creativity just don’t seem to work in the same sentence.  One stifles the other…….at least for me.

In between sewing projects, I have been blessed to have some of the much touted Holiday sales from my Etsy shop.  What a fun surprise to find the emails from customers wanting some of my creations.  Thank you to everyone who purchases; know that I am honored!

Enough.  Back to work, or the baby blanket won’t be heading to it’s new home on time!


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