Baby Benjamins’ Blanket Update

Done.  Packaged up and in the box to ship tomorrow!  I feel like I’ve worked on little else since I started this blanket.  Poor picture, I know.  It really needed a pretty crib, or a lovely rocking chair, to drape over.  Fresh out of all that, since my kiddo is over 30!    I couldn’t get far enough away from the blanket in my sewing studio, so this is the best I could do.  Good thing I crochet better than I take pictures.  And, now when I look at the picture, the printing of the name looks like it was done by a child.  Kind of cute, but wasn’t what I was going for.

I did learn a few things on this project.  The main thing being…………..vertical lines (color changes) do not look good with just one single crochet stitch.  And, the cross stitch idea to add items onto the single crochet didn’t work well for me either.  The cross part of the stitch never was in the same place, so there was no uniformity.  Not sure what the deal was with this, other than the single crochet stitches all had the main hole in them , from the stitches on the next row.  Too much space for the cross stitching to slip around in I think.  Anyway…………I ended up embroidering the lines on this, that were single stitches, and I liked it better.  That way, both the front and the back looked alike…….other than the name.  Just couldn’t figure that one out!  The name will be backwards no matter what!



Just to prove the blanket didn’t make me give up crocheting………….I finished this beautiful scarf/shawl yesterday and have it listed here. 

Lacy Crochted Scarf/Shawl

This is such a pretty thing…………opened up, it fits around shoulders like a shawl…………and wrapped around ones neck, it ends up looking almost ruffled.  I love it!

I have been pretty motivated to get some new things into the shop, as I’ve had a few sales in the past couple weeks.  So exciting to see things I’ve created heading off to new homes!  Fun, Fun,Fun!  Anyway, I have ideas in my head………..yarn in the studio…………I just need to add in some TIME and I’ll have it made!  🙂

Just in case anyone thinks I’m just sitting around doing nothing…………   The current excitement (?) , probably not the right word once you hear my tale….              I discovered a water ‘situation’ in the downstairs (where there should be No water) and found the pipe under the kitchen sink upstairs had been leaking for a bit…   Old pipes here, so no matter what one touches, the plumbing in that area will need to be brought up to code.  ICK.  Hate plumbing difficulties.  Anyway, I’ve learned how to shut the water off at the meter, since I also found out the shut off valve for the house is also OLD, and didn’t do the trick.  Have spent the last 24 hours with no water, other than what we ran prior to shutting off the water.  Sort of like camping!

Have a plumber scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so, with luck……..this should be taken care of by tomorrow night.  Just to make life fun, there is a regularly scheduled caseworker meeting here at the same time…………for our foster kiddo & myself.  AND, if that wasn’t enough……….there are out of town relatives here ……..aiming to come here for dinner tomorrow night, instead of at Christmas.  All this sounds like I’m making this up!  But, noooooo

I’ve been cooking all day……planning a Mexican feast for tomorrow………..We moved the meal up to 1:00, hoping to be done prior to the plumber, and just before the caseworker gets here.    I’m nothing if not flexible!

The good news?   Christmas should be wonderfully relaxing!   And, we’ll have running water!  🙂


One thought on “Baby Benjamins’ Blanket Update

  1. Are your gutters clean? That can contribute a lot to water in the basement if the gutters are plugged. If you need them worked on, we have a 10% off “family and friends” discount. I never solicit my friends…but you might have a gutter issue…and I don’t want you up on a ladder. You can’t work with a broken arm.

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