What A Year!

Amazingly, I’ve come to the one year anniversary of my little Etsy Shop…………..Stitchknit; Creations in Fabric & Fiber.  I’m still having such a great time, there is no question about if I’m going to continue!  Of course, absolutely, most definitely.

I have learned so many things, about so many different subjects during this year, I am continually surprised.  My thoughts about posting my knit items on line were pretty silly, in hindsight.  I am glad people were so kind.  🙂  What a feeble attempt at this; I knew next to nothing…………I had some new knit items here, actually samples from classes I teach…………and Etsy was a place people opened up online stores.  That was the place I started.

I hope I have grown from that beginning.  I hope I have not made too many errors and those I did make, I hope I apologized all over the place!

I now know, taking pictures is what I need to be good at, not just knitting.  I can knit something fan-tas-tic, and if I  have a horribly awful picture of said fan-tas-tic item, it won’t even get seen.

And, a work in progress…………  I need to be a writer!  HA…………that’s not related to knitting either!  And, it’s hard to write AND knit at the same time, I’ll tell you that.

If I’ve got extra time, I should be studying up on how to manage a small business…………Oh, and figure out how to market the business and my product!  Both of  those are pretty hard to do whilst knitting too!

Suffice it to say, I’m still having the best time. My only regret was I didn’t open up my shop years sooner.  I love learning, I love meeting new people and I can’t get enough knitting/crocheting/sewing!    What I need now, is more hours in the day!

Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!


4 thoughts on “What A Year!

  1. Thanks everyone! I’m absolutely bursting with ideas of things I want to do, but the days are always too short! (not due to the winter solstice either!) Must have something to do with me slowing down…..

    Melinda: When are we starting to knit? Can’t wait… Maybe I should teach you how to make Mitt #3??? That would be an interesting class… 🙂


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