Looking Ahead to 2012

I’m a great one for making lists…………then, making notebooks of my lists.  I like………….no, more than like, am obsessed with crossing things off my lists.  So, as the new year approaches, I’m not into parties or entertaining, but get a huge charge when I open my list from New Years the year before.  I am always hopeful, that I made significant progress, and most years I have.

My life has always been fairly odd, in that I had other peoples kids full time for decades……..and going anywhere meant needing to have coverage at the house & getting that on a normal Tuesday for example was difficult………on a holiday, I didn’t even attempt it.  So, this introspection bit of mine has been the norm, for decades and I’d miss looking back, and I’d feel lost without my road map for the upcoming year.

I’m not posting my list, but know it will certainly have something to do with Etsy!  Thinking seriously about what my goals are going to be in this regard.  I do know I’m aiming to have 150 items in my shop……..the rest are still in the thinking stage.

I’m challenging myself to increase my local sewing/alterations business also, and to pursue more opportunities to teach knitting.crocheting & sewing.  I love everything about working at home, so this seems like a no brainer to me.    Since moving in to assist my mom, my own life was on hold for a few years….it is starting to feel like I’m getting pieces of it back.  Feels great.

Enough of the pondering and planning………….


I have a new listing in the Etsy Shop!

See the new Infinity Scarf here.

This is one of my favorite projects to work on while I’m waiting for my foster kiddo.  I can do this Universal Scarf pattern almost without thinking.  Finished this yesterday at the counseling session, and did a 3 needle bind off this AM at Knitting Group.  Love how it just loops around the neck, and drapes all by itself.   Nothing could be easier.  Or warmer.

Times up…   According to one of my goals for 2012 (getting a bit of a head start).  Turning off this computer!  I can’t be creating or working if I’m sitting here.  So, I’m limiting my desk time as I head into this coming year.  We’ll see how I do.

4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to 2012

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  2. Love your scarf! I’m not big on making lists, but I have started a few for next year. One of mine is and same as one of yours. Growing my Etsy business. I don’t know what is reasonable to expect, so I’m going to shoot for the moon. I also need to get more items listed. That’s on my list, too. Plus try new and different techniques.

    I love infinity scarves, but I haven’t tried to make one yet. May have to put that on my list for next year, too!

  3. Lucy: Turning this darned thing off is going to be the hardest, but I think, the most helpful suggestion I’ve come up with!

    countrybydesign: growing the business seems to be gobbling up my time…..and my life! I’m fairly certain it has overtaken some areas here… 🙂 Fun tho’
    Infinity scarves are such a great idea, easier for most people to wear, use less yarn (usually) and take less time. It’s a win-win!

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