Quick New Item Posted

My latest result from some time spent “playing” with yarn this evening, see it in the shop here.  Love these little necklaces.  They are great for anyone who has difficulty with typical clasps and closures.  There are NONE on this necklace.  Just over your head and it settles on your neck, good to go.  Soft, lightweight and no metal parts, great for anyone with metal allergies too.

Another plus, they are super easy to pack, taking up no space….    I love how the light plays off the little squares of color.  Give me yarn and some sparkly bits and I’m a happy knitter!  🙂



Keeping with my new plan here………….short is sweet.  Need to spend time packing up my “teaching kit”, as I’m off tomorrow morning to give a semi private beginning knitting class.  First one set up through the Betterfly website.




2 thoughts on “Quick New Item Posted

  1. Thanks! I like these too. I can see how easy it is for my mom to put on jewelry like this. Pretty and practical for her too! Great combo.

    I worked up another one today but added a strand of a black silk yarn. Thicker result, nicer weight….. but, I’m all out of time, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

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