So Close to 150!

I was aiming to have 150 items in my Stitchknit shop on Etsy by years end……………but, I’m going to close out the year with 147.  Close, but not 150.  Watch for a couple new items tomorrow, as I’ve had some knitting & crocheting time today!  Working in pinks, reds and maroons, to be ready with some Valentine suggestions!

Many new items went in the shop the last couple days, most of them supplies.  I’m weeding out my fabric stash, as there are pieces of lovely goods……….that I’m just not inspired to use.  Much better they go to someone with a vision for them.  I’ve still got at least a room full of fabrics that I AM in love with, so not to worry!

I also listed vintage wool yarn.  Again, in colors I’m just not going to reach for, when searching for a project.  Perhaps Tango Tangerine and Vivid Red will be just the thing for someone else?

In between more plumbing problems here at the house, I did get some knitting done.  This cowl is the same as the red one from a week ago……….this one is softer and seems to drape better.  Which one do you like the best?

I’m leaning towards the blue, but that could be due to my iffy photo of the red one.

***One more thing to add to my TO DO list for 2012.  Get the iffy pics re taken and replaced.






One more of the knit necklaces made it out of the studio too this week. This picture shows it tied in a knot after being slipped over ones head.  Lightweight, no clasps, so it’s perfect for anyone with metal allergies or for anyone who finds the clasps on jewelry to be frustrating.

Wishing everyone a blessing filled 2012!

2 thoughts on “So Close to 150!

  1. I’m going to vote for the blue one. There is more depth in the color. Could just be the picture. I need to retake some of my Etsy photos, too. Do you think there is a perfect number of items to have in an Etsy shop? Is it better to have more items, or more expensive items? I need to list some of the fabrics in my stash that are just taking up space. I have been given fabrics that I am never going to use. Perhaps that should be one of my goals for this year.

  2. Countrybydesign: I’m still leaning towards the blue too. Re taking pictures is at the top of my list, but that doesn’t make it the job I go to first! Terrible.
    Most people I have talked to, like the 150 range, with at least a full page in the individual sections. (have not accomplished that yet either)
    Some say that shops with hundreds & hundreds of items are overwhelming, and those with just a few items have little to hold a visitors interest. Who knows? And, I’ve never thought about your question about more vs. higher priced. Will ponder that ……….. What do you think on this one?
    Fabrics: I was the same way. Tons of new fabrics, that I will never get to. I started with the holiday themed stuff here, and have just kept going. It’s certainly quicker to list the fabric, than put the time in designing and constructing something. Some of those things are still in my shop.

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