I Did It

For the moment, Stitchknit, my little corner of the Etsy handmade world, has ……………..150 items listed.  It seemed harder than it needed to be, which might have a whole lot to do with how life is here at my house.   Seems I rarely get even an hour of time to play in my studio.  Something always needs doing, the dog needs to go out, meals, etc, etc.  No different than anyone else, so stop my whining, right?

Whilst working the last couple days to get a few more items completed, and hit my magic number  150……….several orders came in.   So, the numbers went down, even as I was adding items.  What a great problem to have!  But, I caught up tonight and it made my day.

Here is my latest addition, thanks to Rachell at nomarkatall.  She took these amazing shots!  Anyone who has seen my usual pictures would know in a flash, that these aren’t mine!  The hat’s mine…………but Rachell made it look fantastic! See the other pictures here.



You’ll have to check out the shop, to see what else has been added.   There are more necklaces coming this week, as well as some more fabric.

On the needles:  crocheted facecloths, a knit bowl………..big enough to store yarn in, a knit baby hat, and of course a sock!  And, not to forget, the diagonal lace weight scarf that has been languishing in the corner here, for……….many months!  Not sure what is going to come of this one!  🙂

Time’s up here.  I’m holding myself to a time limit at the computer, as well as keeping the TV off in the studio.   Since it’s only the 2nd of January………..I can report, I’m doing great on this part of my plan for 2012!




2 thoughts on “I Did It

    • Thanks for visiting….and glad you’re inspired too. My push to 150 is tempered by my need to go through my items and take the things out that I can’t stand. I don’t think it’s good for anything to stay the same for too long………..copying a page from typical retail.

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