School Was Out……but It Was No Vacation

Apologies all over, for whatever computer glitch just happened here.  Started to type and the blank page headed off to be published.

What I was going to say………..was, the school break of 17 days……..17…..   days…..    Should not have been called a ‘vacation’ .  It wasn’t , at least for me.

Test maybe.  Endurance trial perhaps.  But, definitely, no vacation.

We did all survive.  Christmas happened, all the plumbing difficulties one could possibly have in one holiday filled 30 day period happened……….and we made it to January 3rd.  The significance?  The school bus arrived this AM and the kiddo had a place to go for the day…………….someone else could try to motivate him to do ANYTHING…………….and I got to leave the house without said kiddo, for the first time in ages.

I have returned to the land of the living.  I even talked to other adults today.

God bless teachers.


On another note, I had a brief period of ‘playtime’ in the studio today.  Finished a couple items, took a few more pictures and, best news of all, took 3 packages to the post office to ship.  First 3 sales of 2012.


Added more knit necklaces, like this one.

The other additions are in the supply section, more of the remnants I’ve been clearing out here in the studio.  There aren’t enough hours in the day, for me to get all my fabric sewn up into something.  So, I’m sharing the stash!

Time to turn off the computer.  Trying to stick to the new plan of limiting this time sucking device.  Did fairly well with that today……especially since I wasn’t here much today!  🙂




5 thoughts on “School Was Out……but It Was No Vacation

  1. The bus every mother waits for – that big yellow one. Although, here in Carlsbad, CA, we have no school buses. Lots of morning and afternoon traffic as we live across the canyon from an elementary school and a middle school just up the hill.

  2. trailblazer1: No school buses?? The only time I didn’t have the daily bus routine, was during the years I home schooled the kiddos. Loved the lack of structure!
    LucyLadley: Thanks for the compliments on the necklace & the blog! Glad to have you visit. I’m still knitting up necklaces… Trying to get some items done for a possible local sale here in Feb or March. Hoping it’s March!

    • maureen: Thanks for your kind words re; my newest necklace. The fiber jewelry is comfortable to wear. Also, easy to put on. After watching my mom struggle with clasps & little findings on jewelry, these pieces are so handy for her. And, they are fun to knit! Can’t beat it.

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