Searching for Patterns

A blatant plea for hep here tonight.  I’ve got two knit patterns I’m searching for; one I’ve knit before and apparently lost the pattern in a computer melt-down at one time or another………..the other is from a pair of slippers a student brought to my knitting101 class.   His grandma knit these for everyone in their family, but had the nerve to die without teaching anyone to knit, OR at least leave the pattern for one of them to learn with.

So, the slippers first.









As far as I can tell, these are knit as a rectangle first, (the outside piece of the slipper), then turned, and stitches picked up going the other direction, and somehow, maybe wrapping stitches, to make the long carried stitches on the inside, then pick up another row of stitches.  This forms the puckered rows on the outside.  Guessing at this point.

Would love a lead on where to get this pattern, or talk to someone who makes these??  I would love to knit a pair, then invite the student to whom these belong, to come learn how to make these.  I hate to see a family tradition just die out.


2nd missing pattern is my own fault.  I don’t even have the original that I knit as it was the first item I put in my Etsy store and it was the first item sold!  Right away too, so I didn’t think to make any notes…………I was just plain giddy with the excitement of the sale.

I loved this basket/tote/container………..whatever you want to call it.  I know I could just wing it and knit up a circle for the bottom, then increase a bit as I went up the sides………..but, it would waste a huge bunch of yarn if I didn’t get it just so.  Hoping someone has seen something like this.  I believe the handles were done with a cast off on both sides, then the next row, the stitches were cast on again, making a buttonhole affair on each side.  Then, a few more rows of knitting, and bind off the whole thing.  This is the best picture I’ve got………….as picture taking was the furthest thing from the top of my list last January.  I now know, it needs to be at the top of my TO DO list here.


Any help is appreciated.  And, just so you know……………I’m really, really working on making better notes here, keeping track of what I have made, with what yarn & using what pattern.   (my loose ends are the things I make up with no patterns.  horribly awful at making any sort of notes on these projects)


Took the day off from the sewing studio today.  Spent time doing what I moved in here to do.  Took my mom to her Dr appointment and am now deep in researching possibilities to help with pain due to 90 year old feet with severe arthritis and bone spurs all over both of them.  When they both hurt, one can’t even decide which foot to limp on!

Continued the day with breakfast out……….ran a couple errands, then back here for the school bus arrival.  Seemed like the day went on forever, I’m exhausted, but didn’t get much of anything off my TO DO list.  Too tired to put in a couple hours now……

Thinking the pillows and a bit of time playing my favorite word game are in order.  (anyone else here play Babble on line?



7 thoughts on “Searching for Patterns

  1. Thanks Lucy. Today marks 1 year since I chose to be part of a Create Something Daily Challenge. I’ve kept a written journal in the studio here, with notes, ideas, drawings, etc. Spent a bit of time today, going back and taking stock of the year. I think this was the fastest year on record! Went by in a flash & I have so many more things I want to make.
    I just wish I was better at picture taking, and record keeping, so I had a detailed journal and photo diary of sorts. I’d rather knit I guess! 🙂

    • Kristi:
      I am just so excited! Called the student from at least a year ago. He was amazed I was still looking for the pattern for him. Have it printed off and will get it to him this coming week. Also plan to make up a few pair, so I’m ready to meet with him, in case he is ready to give them a try!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share the links with me!

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