Charting Creativity

With todays post, I’ve come to yet another milestone.  At least for me.  I started keeping a notebook in the studio here, last January 6th.  The idea was, to challenge myself to create something daily for 365 days.  Well, somewhere around Day #3 of the exercise, I had to make a revision.  The goal became to create something weekly.  Not quite so lofty, but doable.    My time isn’t my own these days, and any time spent playing with yarn and fabric, has to be carefully gathered up & then spent wisely.

I discovered a few things about myself after keeping a record of my ‘creativity’.  First off, I’m not sure creativity should be documented.  They seem at opposites really.

I’m certain I’m more creative than I give myself credit for.  In the writing of my daily work here, I could see more clearly how much I was designing, adapting and making on a regular basis.

I also noticed how many more things I do in the process of a normal day here, that are in that Creative column.  From haircuts, perms & sets  for several people, to using my skills as a calligrapher to get orders labeled for shipping I’m most comfortable when I get to work with my hands, making almost anything.

One thing that surfaced for me, was my disdain for cooking.  I’ve always been reluctant to spend time in the kitchen…………it seemed like such a waste of time.  That hasn’t changed, but I did realize, my cooking is pretty darned creative.  (even though I resent like crazy the need to do it in the first place)  I decided to focus on the creative part of this activity and it has become not quite so bad.  The household has benefited from a Pizza making Intensive, and now I am pretty sure no one here would be happy with commercial pizza of any kind.  This sounds pretty haughty, but you should see, smell & taste some of the creations here!

I’ve also learned it is OK to bunch a project.  (or projects) If something doesn’t feel right, I have typically just tossed it off the work space, never to be seen again.  Throughout the year, I have dug these little critters out of their deep dark spaces and either re worked them, or taken them apart to become something else entirely.  I have to admit, some of these are the best.  I have only a few more of these lurking around the space now, and most have a plan to get tweaked and come out in the daylight.

My works in progress is a pretty small bit of work too these days.  I think it was the push to keep creating, that kept me chipping away at anything I had started.  There is only one project that just sits and mocks me.



This scarf is so boring to knit, and I do have to keep track of where I am, so it isn’t the best project to pick up here most of the time.  I have trouble remembering my name some days!

So, this might not see the finish line here…….but be taken out to return as something else.  Still pondering…… it does have a weightless quality, that I’m liking.

So, my Creativity Notebook here is going to be an on-going project.  I learned so much, and it evolved into a daily TO DO checklist of sorts for my Etsy shop.  Without a list, I’m a lost soul.  Lists and notebooks of lists and I’m a pretty happy camper.

Here is to 365 more days of playing with fiber of all kinds!  (oh, and a bit of that time consuming cooking business too!)





2 thoughts on “Charting Creativity

  1. Lucy: I just love a new year. Days and days just laid out ready to be filled with new things. I’m not a new years party sort, but give me some paper & a pen, and I’m a happy camper….. Plans, lists, goals……I go nuts. I can see 2012 isn’t going to be long enough to fit in all my ideas! Better get to work! 🙂

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