In My Next Life I’m Going to be a Plumber

Still having difficulty here with the dishwasher and water.  This time, it is the lack of water to the dishwasher.  The last few weeks have been a problem due to too much water where there was not supposed to be any.  Like, my sewing studio for one!    I’m usually pretty good at figuring out small stuff around the house, but when systems combine, like electrical AND water….count me out.  I’ve done what I know how to do, and we still have a dishwasher that doesn’t seem to be able to tell the water to ‘come on in’.  I’ve shut the power off to the dishwasher, so it won’t just sit & pump with no water in there, which seemed like a good idea.  Beyond that, a phone call to the magic dishwasher man, and I wait.  Oh, and we hand wash everything!

In between dishwashing and poking around under the sink, I did fit in a FULL day of sewing and knitting and all things related.  I’d had a sale over the week end, to Australia again, so the Post office was first on my list after my volunteer shift at the food bank this AM.  I’ve now got the customs forms at home, so the international shipping is a bit quicker.  I still don’t have my shipping charges figured out well.  This poor woman paid more for shipping than she did for her little crocheted flowers.  (I am refunding her the over charges)

I wonder how long I’ll need to actually be up to speed re; Etsy?  Seems as though I’m learning something new all the time.  I certainly don’t feel like I’ve ‘got it’!

Mondays are my day I stop in at a local retirement home too.  I had 2 orders to deliver, and a couple appointments for fittings.   Zipped home for a couple more client appointments before calling it a full day!

I grabbed some knitting time and finished a few more rounds on this all cotton Twisted Rib Cowl:

Looks dark to me here, but it is truly a soft seafoam green.  I can’t wait to get it off the needles to see how it drapes.  I do know, it feels delicious!

Just to keep things hopping here, there are 2 more sales from my shop this evening!  I can’t get over being over-the-moon excited each time this happens.  Knitting is great, but actually having someone else like something I have created, and then paying for it, just boggles my mind.  The orders are packaged and ready to be shipped in the AM.  Fun, fun, fun!

Listed this luxurious little flower tonight.   See it here.   My pictures don’t do it justice.  I’m managing to get the pictures, get them on the computer, but I have no idea how to take pictures to depict how utterly soft this is!


I enjoyed working with this yarn, and I am toying with making  up an Infinity scarf with this.  Wasn’t sure about the white, but once I see the stitches in this yarn, it is tempting knit it up, just to see what it looks and feels like.

Time’s up.  Sticking to my plan & turning off the computer so I can get work done in the studio.

One thought on “In My Next Life I’m Going to be a Plumber

  1. Pretty soon you are going to have to hire someone to assist you! You don’t need to go ot the post office EVERY day, do you? That’s a time-burner right there. Maybe I should pay you in food for the classes we are starting…….

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