Twisted Rib Cowl finally Finished!

It seemed like I knit on this forever.  I will be choosing projects with BIG needles for awhile, for some instant gratification knitting!  280 stitches take ages to get around.  But, the good news is, I love this.  Soft, an almost neutral color, all cotton, drapes well…………What’s Not To Like?  See the rest of the pictures here in the Etsy Shop.


I’ve also been crocheting.  Hearts.  Lots and lots of hearts.  I’ve been sharing them, including them in packages when I ship out packages and generally spreading them all over the place!  Fun to make, these are so quick to create and use up little bits and dabs of yarn that I’ve saved because it was just too yummy to toss!  Here’s an example:

See the listing here in the shop.


Life continues here at home too.  Etsy seems like it is overtaking my life, but it is just a small part!  So much has been happening, I always run out of day before I finish my TO DO list!  I love being busy, I love learning new things and that is a good thing, since I’m doing both, all day, every day it seems.

Water, plumbing and dishwashers have been issues since Thanksgiving.  Just this week, I do believe the ‘situation’ has now been resolved.  Thank goodness.  We are now the proud owners of a new shut off valve, and multiple new parts to the dishwasher and in the dishwasher.  What a complicated fix this particular problem was.

I renewed my ad in the local newspaper this month and have already noticed an increase in calls, appointments and jobs.  My sewing studio is FULL.  I was going to put a new ad in our local online paper too, but I’m wondering if I can do that and still keep up with the work.  Will put the decision off for another month and see how I do.

I’ve also been picking up some more classes, through Betterfly.  I love teaching, probably more than the actual knitting, crocheting or sewing.  It is just so fun to see someone else get excited about a new hobby or skill.

I do think I’ll  have some extra knitting and sewing time this weekend.  Sounds like there is some snow in our forecast here in Western WA state.  Plus, there is  a 4 day weekend, and my kiddo will be home over the holiday.    We’ll make soup, light the wood stove………..and be sure I’ve got lots of knitting projects!


4 thoughts on “Twisted Rib Cowl finally Finished!

    • Thanks Lucy! We’ve had a dusting of snow today…….it was so pretty. I didn’t have to go anywhere, so it was even prettier! Western WA almost closes if there is a mention of the word S N O W. I always figure I have no business being on the roads if they are nasty. Soup, wood stove and a massive yarn stash. I’m a happy camper!

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