I Did Win the Blanket Race

So, my crocheted blanket did get finished and delivered before Benjamin was delivered!  Here he is in his sweet little baby-ness…………..laying on The Blanket!

Pretty cute!  (both the baby & the blanket!)  🙂


This really started me thinking about the difference between my creations this past year, verses my sewing, knitting and crocheting up until my Etsy venture.   Prior to Etsy, when I made something it sort of ‘stayed in the family’.   Hats, scarves, shirts, blankets, socks…………all stayed pretty darned close to home.

Now, after posting my efforts in my little shop, it is still such a crazy surprise when someone buys an item.  Or, several items.  And…………they aren’t even related to me!  What an amazing feeling.  Each time someone contacts me about an item I have made, it just makes my day.  Everyone who makes anything should have someone buy their items!   No wonder Etsy is such a busy place!


5 thoughts on “I Did Win the Blanket Race

  1. Love the Blanket. Would love to make it for a friend of mine. Her son was born under 2lbs. Now he is over 9lbs. Would you send me the pattern? Please. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Mary: I used a pattern a client of mine sent me. She had purchased it from an Etsy seller. I’m not in my studio now, but by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll look up the shops name & get back to you.
    If you’re going to make the blanket, I’d be happy to let you know what I learned whilst making the one here. First thing: study up on the best way to change colors while crocheting. 🙂 Second: Make, or buy a set of bobbins, or you’ll lose your mind with all the pieces!

    The blanket is getting cuter, as I have more time away from it!


  3. Mary: I looked up my paperwork for the fire engine blanket order, and all I have is the email from the seller. I thought it was an Etsy shop, but now….not sure.
    Try reaching her at: cozyconcepts@earthlink.com I tried searching Etsy, with no luck.
    Let me know if you run into a dead end & I’ll go back to my client who made the original purchase from cozyconcepts.


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