Snow Days = More Knitting Time

Seattle area……….snow…………   They just don’t mix.  At All.  A bit of the white stuff or even a mention of a bit of the white stuff & pretty much everything shuts down until the roads are ‘clear & wet’.

Well, we’re now on the 3rd day of the white stuff.  Beautiful, but most of us in Western WA have no idea how to drive in this stuff, and schools close up tight.  So, our foster kiddo is home.  And, has been home since last Friday!  I have plenty of patience, but I’m sure going to be excited when this kiddo finally gets on a school bus and we have some time away from each other!

On the flip side…  I do have lots of time to knit.  🙂    All but one of my local clients have re scheduled their appointments for next week, so the calendar has taken on a pretty empty look. Nothing on the list until Friday.  Almost like a vacation.

I’ve been knitting and sewing, then crocheting and knitting some more.  One of the newscasters tonight was talking about people here in the Seattle area getting a little stir crazy after being cooped up in their houses and all I could think of was how much fun I was having!

I’m working towards a local craft sale scheduled for mid April, so I’m attempting to put items away for that.  Since this is my first time doing this, I have no idea what I’m doing.  No real plan, just a little list of items I think might be interesting.  So, I knit for the shop, and knit a couple for April.  This week has given me the time to get some items stashed.  I’m also gathering a little collection of items for a major felting event, since I refuse to felt one or two items at a time.

Here’s a bit of my quick knits this week………….

Ok, some quick crochet too!

On the needles…………this same infinity scarf, done with 2 strands of the white held together, giving it a chunkier, plush feeling…………eye glass cases to add to the ‘felting event’ and the ever present sock on the needles.  (almost to the heel turning stage on Sock #1)

And, the take away from all this, you say?   Snow storms are now the number one reason to have a big, really big yarn and fabric stash.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Snow Days = More Knitting Time

  1. I was at Zion Fire yesterday & we were talking about the Seattle snow storm. Those days do help creativity! We are in Kansas City. On occasion I get to help at Zion Fire it is so wonderful to be around such beautiful banners. We have not been blasted with a big snow yet, but I’m sure we’ll have one in our near future. We’ll all be snow bound & creating with our yarn & fabric stash. I love your blog!

    • Lucy: I just checked out the website for ZionFire. Wow, gorgeous. I couldn’t get the website to work, but did see the front page. Who does the work on all those? How fun would it be to work on those banners!
      Our storm is still making news & has pretty well shut down the western part of the state. Still no school for our kiddo. He is getting more anxious by the day.
      I am still having a great time! I even have my mom knitting & crocheting for the Etsy shop now. She is the one who first taught me……so this is a full circle sort of event for us! She has started on a baby blanket and has now taken over making our little thank you gifts. So, we are doubling our creative efforts with the storm!
      Thanks for stopping in here…..

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