These Hands Taught Me To Knit

Moms’ hands.  Busy knitting her 2nd item since picking up knitting needles after at least 3 decades.  Maybe  4 decades.  She finished an afghan for herself yesterday, wove in the ends too…………and it was such a success, she was itching to start another project.

Being an old Activities Director, I’m not about to let anyone just sit around……..I quickly found her some more yarn, a pattern and needles that felt good in her hands.  (she used to complain about her arthritis, but now………….says “my hands are feeling pretty limber”)

We’ve had some great talks about knitting, but still can’t remember her actually teaching me to knit.  Only one memory sticks in my mind.  I was high school age, babysitting on an overnight job, when I had come to directions asking me to turn my work, then pick up stitches and knit.  ACK.  New stuff for me.  I called mom, and she gave me the best advice …………over the phone no less.  She said “if you can get your needle in a stitch, then just knit it”  About the simplest explanation of picking up stitches I’ve come across.

Moms current project is a baby blanket with a yummy Sirdar yarn.  It is ecru with little bits of color throughout.  The plan is, for her to list it in the Etsy shop!  Yeah mom!  I am not sure she is going to be able to let it go!  We’ll see.  It’s not going to take her long, as she is just zipping along.


I switched gears today and picked up a crochet hook again. This is the result………..A Chunky Crocheted Cowl. 

I loved how this turned out, but have another idea to change the shape a bit on the next one.  A bit more asymmetrical, so the ends don’t match up when it closes.  I can draw it, now we’ll see if I can crochet it!

And,  most importantly……….     One more day and school will start again for our kiddo.  I’m as close as I’ve been to having no marbles left.  MLK holiday on Monday, followed by a No Student Day on Tuesday (that title always puzzles me) coupled with a snow storm here in Western WA state….  and then no school on Wed……..or Thurs…………or Friday………..then the weekend…   I’m in serious need of some alone time.  I will soon be starting the countdown for the Monday AM bus arrival!  Giddiness setting in.


4 thoughts on “These Hands Taught Me To Knit

  1. It was a long, horrible week. I only drove once…and only because it was something I HAD to do. But Viv refuses to get in a car if there is even a whiff of snow in the forecast, so she didn’t come in all week, so I’m still stuck. She’s supposed to come in on Monday, so hopefully I will have time to knit up that ball of yarn. I feel bad for you for the week you just had to endure… You can come and be my “kiddo” for a rest if you like. I just finished the new Stephen King novel that was interesting, but I didn’t like the reader. Starting Uncle Tom’s Cabin now. Too bad once all that “work” is done, I don’t have a baby blanket or a hat finished.

    • Melinda
      I thought the week was long too. I’m not much of a snow person! Can’t wait for school to start tomorrow….
      Have you any ideas of what you want to make now that you’re sailing along with your knit stitch? If you have, look up a pattern, and we’ll get you started, at least with any new stitches that it covers. Or, if you want to go pick up some yarn and be ready to make a real something, we can work with that too!
      Looking forward to Wednesday!

    • I love the picture too. Just took one, and it was perfect, as far as I was concerned. 90 year old hands. I hope & pray mine will still be useful when I get to be her age.

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