Teeny Tiny Hearts

These little hearts are taking over here.  I’ve got bunches of them done, waiting in line for their pictures.  Some a bit tinier, and a few a bit larger……….but, hearts everywhere.  I gathered up all my crochet thread, bits of embroidery threads and any other hard twisted thread that had been hiding out in the studio and added a handful of different sized hooks, and these are some of the results.

I’m trying hard to stick to my new years resolution of doing something with all the little bits of supplies I have stashed.  These little hearts are transforming a bag of string into something really cute!

I’m leaving long ‘tails’ on each heart, so they can be used as a book mark, or used to sew the hearts to other items………..or strung together to make a mini string of heart garland to decorate with.  They would be cute to incorporate into wedding shower decor, or add to invitations…………so many ideas.

One of my other ideas on my 2012 List was to do more than contemplate the Master Knitters Program.   I am still searching for a master knitter to actually talk or email with, as I’ve got more questions than anything.  For the cost of the program, I can’t come up with many reasons it would be worthwhile.  And, I’m not sure I have the time it would take.  Anyone out there that has finished this program?

I did decide to join the Knitters Guild of America, which I have never done.  The newsletter is good, I understand, and usually covers skills that are required for the Masters program.  Our knitting group thinks these would be good to add to our group, giving us some additional push to increase our skill level.  So, a baby step towards the larger goal.  Not bad.




2 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Hearts

    • Thanks Lucy! Trying hard to stick to my goal for 2012 and DO something with the little bits that seem like they are all over the place in the studio here. Turn the lights out at night and I’m certain they multiply! 🙂

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