I am having a hard time getting anything done, as I am still flying high from yesterday!


My Etsy shop reached a milestone yesterday!  100 sales.  101 actually.  I remember  being excited when I sold the first item, last January……………and, I have to tell you, I was even more thrilled yesterday.    Peggy, from Busy Bee SewingForSMA bought some of my fabric  remnants; Thank you Peggy!

After visiting  her shop, and seeing where her proceeds go, I asked her to pick another piece as my thank you to her, as well as a small token of support towards SMA research.  I encourage you to stop in to her shop, visit as well as BusyBeeSewings Facebook page to help support this great cause.


My time has been sucked up this week, by the school district and some fairly fancy dancing around they are all doing.  Just now, after 5 months, they have decided our foster kiddo is ‘apparently in the wrong school’.  Duh.  Yet another huge change coming next week. New bus schedules, new campus, new classes, new teachers.  Gee, for a kid who doesn’t handle change real well, next week sounds like a great time, don’t you think?

I did take time to go to Knit Group this AM.  We talked, laughed and ate…………and even knit a bit.  We did come up with an odd abbreviation in a book (sorry, the title escapes me).  There were two.  K 0 and P0   We figured these were zeros, not  oh’s  but there was nothing in the abbreviation section of the book that covered either.  Any ideas?

Finished off my errands with a trip to the post office to ship Peggys fabric order. So far, I’ve been able to package & ship orders by the next day.  I love the feeling of getting packages all set & on their way!    Here’s to the next 100 orders!



And, sticking to my plan to deal with all the little parts of projects scattered about my studio (and truly……my house and my van)

I un-knit this not so lovely project and have it well on it’s way to becoming something I love.   Bigger needles, lacier feel…………have a scarf on the needles, as well as a knitted flower in my head that will be the next item with this lace weight yarn.

Details to follow soon!!!



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