Getting Paid to Make Things!

I don’t know if I will ever get used to this.  I’ve been making things for decades, and have worked in different capacities making things for others.  But, this bit about making things ………..just anything I want to make………….and then having people contact me to BUY them.  This is a new bit of excitement.

Because of this, my Etsy shop has become a bit of an obsession.  If I’m not working on something, I’m thinking about working on something.  Nope, that’s not quite right.  Even when I’m working on something, my hands and my brain are busy thinking of ways I could do something else with the idea, the materials or the pattern.  I’ve never had so much fun!

Today I had two different people email me from Etsy, asking if I could make them something specific.  What a question!  Of course I can.  Ask me if I want to play with fabric and yarn…………..what a silly question.  I’m in the info gathering mode for both right now……… I find the custom orders are truly more about communication than the actual creating.  My job will be to copy what the client has in their mind….so first, I need to find out all about the item.   Then, we’ll see if the projects move forward.


Pondering creativity again today, I need to formally make note of my gratitude to my parents.  Both of them had/have so many interests and skills.  I do believe they instilled the first hints of creativity in me.  They both had a philosophy about making things.  They taught me, “if someone else has made something, or something like this……… can make it too.”  What a fun way to grow up.   I’m grateful for each bit of encouragement, all the lessons over the years and the relaxed style they both had about the mess that just seems to come with making things!


Here’s what’s on the needles currently:


This is the scarf I hated, un knit, and started to knit again.  I figure I’m about a quarter of the way done.  I want this long………….long enough to tie at the neck, with a bow. This lacy bit of knitting is going to look amazing in a bow!

The last one stayed on the needles for at least a year until I finally took it apart this past week.  This one is going to get finished.






4 thoughts on “Getting Paid to Make Things!

  1. Your post sounds like something I could have written last year. I had a custom order going most of the time, and like you said, it’s all about communication and trying to get inside the head to the person who contacted you. It is challenging!

    • countrybydesign: As much as I love custom orders, I’m thinking I have done the leg work, as well as the design for the current potential job………….all for naught. I’ve emailed, but so far, have no response. I’m going to make the item requested as it is pretty cute & list it anyway. I have worked with some great clients and only a few that haven’t followed through………, for now, I’ll continue.
      I take it, you’re no longer doing custom work? I’ll take any pointers you want to shoot my direction….

    • trailblazer1: I tend to be excited about almost everything! Re; the gratitude thing………..I find I’m including my parents creativity in my gratitude journal on a pretty regular basis. Things come up so often as I’m making something, I’ll think of a tool I’m using, & who taught me to use it, …. good memories!
      Now, if I could just get my mother to remember teaching me to knit, I’d be in business! We both know I learned from her, but neither of us remembers any more than that!

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