Better than the First Version

Here’s the first idea for this HUGE spool of yarn I was given:

StitchknitIt was a pattern from the book Boutique Knits, which I loved.  But, apparently, not enough.  This sat in my studio, on the needles for at least a year.  Way too long.  I made a promise to myself this year, I was going to DO something with everything I touched in the studio.  This was one of the first things to test my new rule…………….Off the needles it came.  I couldn’t come up with a single redeeming factor for it.  So, history it was, in just seconds.

It took a bit longer than that to knit up this newer version…………simpler, lacier, and I think more  useful.

by Stitchknit; Creations in Fabric & Fiber

This was so fun to knit. It became lighter, more frothy the further I went.  What a difference working on something that I love….



I love it as a scarf, as well as a shawl.  It would also                                                                         

work as a head covering……   Useful AND beautiful!

I can see it tied around a large brimmed hat too…..very summery!





The rest of my life has been busier than ever this week.  I’ve had a couple days with 3 meetings a day!  Not my usual schedule, as I’m used to just working from home…………shuffling from the studio to the coffee pot on my own time.  Not this week.

My foster kiddo has changed not only programs this semester, but schools.  This means transportation changes, lunch changes, reams of paperwork AGAIN………and who knows what else.  We’re still hung up on the paperwork, and district requirements.   Hard to believe, since I registered him for this school year last JUNE for heavens sake.  Apparently, the health records never got entered into the record, so now, the new school won’t admit him, since it looks as though he has no immunizations.  Sitting here in my office holding the medical records and waiting for the school to send me the FAX number.   Seems we have broken the system.  I’m taking him to the new school on Monday morning, no matter what.

Hoping the changes will all be for good.  Not much has been good in this guys life so far…………..It would be nice if he could have a positive school experience before he heads to an adult group home setting.

Pre-washing fabric today, to make up a custom petticoat.  Fun project.  All cotton, 3 layers of ruffles, adult size.  What’s not to love with that combo?  I’m playing with a mock up, to get the ruffles the right size, so the skirt looks balanced.  Also, have a couple ways to go with the actual slip……..full, circle, gores?  Still not sure here…..still in the sketching stage.




4 thoughts on “Better than the First Version

  1. trailblazer1: I love the color too. Can’t describe it very well, and each time I take pictures, I get a different shade…. Apricot, peach, just barely pink, almost flesh toned………… Somewhere in the middle of all these.

    Have my fingers crossed for Monday morning……..Hoping the new school placement helps this kiddo, it can’t get much worse!

  2. Lucy: Thanks for the comment. I’m loving this piece too! I’ve taken yarn off the cone, and have some ideas for making the next piece with 2 strands. Toying with stringing some peachy/clear sequins on the strands and working them in randomly. I love the new yarns with the sequins already worked in……..and figured I could do the same thing. Sounds fun I think!

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