Almost Wired!

Busy here at Stitchknit…………….but, not in the sewing studio tonight.  Current electrical project has rendered that space  a bit of a mess.  A mess, but oh, what a good mess!  I’ve got more work to do in the space tomorrow, to get ready for the next stage……    So, the cleaning, purging excess supplies, and organizing what’s left is on the TO DO list for tomorrow.  I’m getting so excited to get back to work!

In the meantime, I found a corner of the house that still has power and I spent some time creating this Pretty in Pink Treasury.  Enjoy! **2nd attempt at posting this. It’s getting late & my brain has apparently quit for the night.

‘Pretty in Pink’ by StitchKnit

Please take a moment to visit some of the shops, favorite the collection and leave a comment.Enjoy!

Original design new style ne…




Mosaic Initials


2 Soft Pink Flowers 2 1/2&qu…


MAGNET BOARD Shabby Chic Nur…


Digital Scrapbook Kit – Prec…


Vintage pink and white Nurse…


Gorgeous Shabby Chic Pink Ch…


New Item – Custom Made Candy…


Flower wall decals set of 50…


Pink Cotton Print Pillow wit…


Beach Baby Door Wreath in Pi…


6 inch Hand Painted Wooden W…




Candylights Pastel Candy Lig…


NEW ITEM 5ft x 5ft Pink Crea…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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