Somber Thoughts


I am getting to my studio a bit late this AM.   I always turn on the news while waiting for my foster kiddo to go through his morning routine and this morning I was just blown away by another shooting in WA state.  There were 2 shootings yesterday, and then this morning a state trooper was killed in the line of duty.  I’m not even connected to any of the people or communities affected, but it just seems like these traumatic incidences are happening more often lately.   I just kept watching for news updates…..  thinking about how many people’s lives are changed this morning.



In the studio now……and grateful for a quiet day here.  I’m working on the finishing details for a crocheted cover/sleeve thing for a mason jar. The first picture is  looking at the bottom of the cover, from inside the jar.  I liked it last night, and this morning it seemed even better.  Simple, yet complicated ……circles and more circles.

My thoughts are to make this for either a table top candle holder, or one that hangs from a tree.  It also looks great with flowers in it!  I have the first cover made, and am playing with the hanging version, so it is long enough the heat from the candle is far enough away from the hanging cords………..yet still looks balanced.  When 3 of these are grouped together, it is a very pretty arrangement.  Country, shabby chic sort of pretty.    I’m going to make 3 for our mantle here, where I like to put flowers during the summer.  And, I’m going to have 3 that hang from a small apple tree growing in the middle of our patio area.  Candles out there would be lovely!

Almost Finished

I will be listing these in my Etsy shop, without the jars, so it will be an easy item to ship.  They would be lovely for a wedding reception, maybe with a mix of candles and flowers.

On the needles:  Lace weight apricot yarn, in a simple pattern….  Not sure what this is going to end up being…a scarf of some sort …………but, the details are still vague.  I love to just start knitting, with an idea in mind…..but staying open to options!  This could be a simple cowl, with a twist, as it seems to lay and drape beautifully.  However, a little longer and it is a lovely piece that could be used as a shawl, and it is gorgeous  pulled up as a head covering.  So, I’ll just keep knitting! 🙂

Still knitting on the blue baby blanket.  I’m using the diagonal pattern, and am getting towards the middle so the rows are really LONG at this point.  Slowing down, making what seems like no progress what so ever!

I will get an extra hour of knitting time in this afternoon, as I will be waiting for  our foster kiddo at his therapy appointment.  So glad I have something to do, instead of spending that time thumbing through past issues of gossipy magazines they have available in the waiting room.  Now, if they just had good coffee!  🙂


Off to the studio and the rest of my day.  I will try to focus on ways to be kind to myself as well as to others today, it does seem like today would be an especially good day to do that!


3 thoughts on “Somber Thoughts

  1. The news at dinner time is so depressing, including the political coverage, that we have started watching reruns of Gunsmoke. At least you know the gun play is fake, nobody dies and Matt Dillion always wins. And Chester comes up with some great lines.

  2. trailblazer1: Gunsmoke would be a great idea! 🙂 Fortunately, we don’t have TV on during dinner, and truly………..I don’t have it on much due to my foster kiddo having such an anxiety issue. Doesn’t matter where the nasty stuff happens, he figures it is going to happen where we live. But, I am getting more than frustrated with the news from our state….. I don’t remember the numbers of horrid events just piling up, sometimes a couple in one day!
    I love getting lost in my sewing studio………fabric, fiber, knitting needles……and, no TV news! 🙂

    • Our culture is rapidly eroding – kids have little parental guidance. Drugs are easily obtained in schools, celebs as role models and the list of why kids are going off the rails.
      The news today was another “Oh No” not again. School shootings, I think I would home school if I had young ones. Your studio keeps you sane and takes you away for awhile, as does my creative stuff. Have a kind day.

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