New Creations

I’ve been busy!  Sticking to my plan for 2012, I’m continuing to DO something with the parts of things I have in my studio.  This flower has been in the ‘thinking’ stage for months.  Today, it is finished & I love it! 



Should be listed by the end of the week.  Running out of hours & days here…..  ‘life’ stuff keeps interfering with my studio time!  🙂 

I’m trying to put in extra hours, as I’m participating in my first craft show since forming Stitchknit.  Time seems to be flying, interruptions are rampant and the show is the 2nd weekend in April.  This April!  🙂  Since I’ve never done this before, I have no idea how much of what types of items I need to have with me & hope to have more than I need by April.   

Finished another sparkly sort of scarf, and managed to get a few decent pictures after 2 tries.  Some colors are just nasty for me……..they come out all washed out & I don’t know why.  This problem child was brown.  First pictures were beige-ish. 


And, the baby blanket my mom has been working on is almost done too.  This is just waiting for a ribbon order, so we can weave it in the eyelet border.  I’m thrilled she picked up needles again & I hope I am still able to knit & crochet when I’m 89! 


I love a neutral baby blanket so much more than a typical baby colored event.  This one is very warm as well as soft & cuddly.  Should have it up in the shop by next week.  I’m enjoying watching my moms reactions to seeing her work on line.  Fun!


4 thoughts on “New Creations

  1. Countrybydesign: I don’t think there is something specifically foliage…….I know there is an outdoors setting. I have the close up bit going for most things…. And, my new light fixtures are now up & running in the studio. Will check the settings tomorrow! Thanks for the tip. After I get something completed, then the work really starts. I want it to be the other way around! 🙂

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