Off the Needles

Still pondering this scarf/shawl event.  I love the yarn, which I’ve had for longer than should be legal.  I’ve used some of it, combined with a black yarn……..and that item sold.  So, it makes sense to bring this out again as we head into spring/summer.  I like the scarf when it is worn just looped around the neck, but the shawl version left me thinking it needed something …………more.


I worked up a crocheted flower/brooch pin, that I’m hoping works well sort of up on the shoulder area….. No pictures yet, I ran out of day here……………….  But, the flower is great……same yarn, lots of texture and it will be able to sort of gather up the shoulder/neckline area for me.

It’s hard when life interferes with my Etsy time!  :


This weekend isn’t looking much better.  Company…………cooking ………….and I’ve got 3 large alteration orders due by Monday.  The Etsy shop will have to wait, as will this new scarf.



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