in a word………Busy

Besides seeing the calendar marching on to spring, and daylight savings time now in effect, time seems to be doing a vanishing act here at my house.

My foster kiddo switched school programs (and actually switched campuses too) in February and I have noticed these changes have sucked up their share of time.  No one told me much about this new deal, therefore I was more than a touch surprised to find Fridays always start at 10AM.  In addition, the school is as far away from our house as it could be, and still be in the district.  This means I’ve had to add more time in to go pick him up for the myriad of appointments that were already on the calendar.  There are some good points, but I think I’ll enjoy them more after I have the schedule all tweaked and I know when he is coming and going.

I have not been swamped with sewing/alterations, but have just a couple of clients a week.  Nice, in that I’m not feeling rushed, but I love when the studio is full and the calendar has fitting appointments crammed in.

To take advantage of the break in sewing, I’ve been busy making more products for the Spring Fest sale coming up in April.  (just less than a month to go) The closer I get, the more details I think of.  Price tags, signage, additional business cards, a brochure about the local part of my business, table coverings………..the details just go on and on.  Selling on Etsy, I just don’t need to worry about things liketable coverings, so this is outside my usual comfort zone.

This is one of the spring/summer scarves I have ready to go.  I stopped taking pictures of the items that are going to the local show, freeing up a bit more time to be creating.  I love this scarf, it is all cotton, so the feel is great.  I now have 3 more of these ready…….all in pastel tones.  They look like Easter egg colors!


Other things on my list here include trying to set up a website, to use with my local business.  I have no way to share photos of my work, so this is going to be an attempt to fix that.  I think I am stepping into an area I have no business getting into.  I know I love to learn new things………but, this is pushing it!



4 thoughts on “in a word………Busy

  1. I love the scarf. And I hope to post more things on my blog as soon as this charity ride is over. Then I can start planning a little better with the things I like to sell. But I love the style of the scarf.

  2. Thanks princess92028. This is one of my favorite ‘patterns’ for a scarf too. It is only a 4 row pattern, and it doesn’t roll either direction. Can’t beat it. I’ve got the other 3 colors finished and they really do look like Easter when they are displayed together. I’m counting down the days til an April craft fair. Looking forward to getting everything else back on track when that is over.

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