Up To Speed

Writing has taken a back seat.  Not that I’m just sitting around here, doing nothing………..but, it seems by the end of the days, all I want to do is quit working, forget the days’ busyness and find my pillows.

I’ll attempt a quick update, just so I don’t forget how to post here on the blog!

Etsy:  Making more items on a daily basis.  Knitting & crocheting most of my waking hours.  Hoping to get items that will fill up a table at the Spring Craft Fair I am planning on participating in on April 14.  I am reading all the info I can from others who do this on a regular basis & my TO DO list is getting longer, not shorter!  ACK!

Also related to Etsy……..I have been reading the Everything Etsy Blog  and now I’m enjoying their daily emails regarding Etsy Success.  (yes, adding more things to my TO DO list, yet again)

Fostering:  Our kiddo has been having a tough time here at home, but doing “swimmingly” at school per today’s report.  This backs up an old theory that my kids just can’t quite get it together to be doing well, both at home & at school.  Unfortunately, it’s my turn to have the cranky behavior here at home.  Many extra appointments right now……..dentists, counselors, doctors, even a phone conference for him tonight with his court appointed attorney re; a court hearing tomorrow.  I can’t remember a kid with this much going on at the same time.  Maybe it’s just me getting old & running out of energy before I run out of appointments?

The Sewing Studio:  I was lamenting the lack of work in the sewing room, but oh, not so much after this week.  I’m pulling in new clients every day since last Wednesday.  Not sure what made the difference, but I’m glad!  The new work is actually some new construction with only a few orders including alterations.  So, the work is a bit more time consuming than usual….  and several orders have Easter deadlines.  No time to waste here!  I just changed my local newspaper ad today, hoping it starts paying for itself…..so far, it has been the least helpful re; the number of customers contacting me through this ad.  Bless Craigslist; it is the easiest and most effective…………as well as free.  (one of my favorite words!)

There you have it: the reasons I’m not getting to everything!  And, I can’t forget all the normal ‘life-stuff’ things like sleeping, showering and keeping meals on schedule here!  Back to work!


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