Coming Soon

Soon to be listed in the Etsy shop…………this bright blue, washable baby blanket.    It’s been in the completed section here, but in line for it’s picture taking appointment.    Finally ready to list, this sweet little blanket would make a great baby shower gift.  It’s just the right size for using with either a car seat or a stroller….small enough to just fit & tuck in a bit.  Made with acrylic yarn, this is totally machine washable & would work in the dryer too.  I don’t know too many moms who want to be messing with specialized laundry instructions when they have a new little one!  I know how much laundry babies generate! Hoping to have enough time to get this listed tomorrow!

And, then there is this slouchy crocheted hat:









I didn’t get a picture when Melinda first spotted the hat here at Stitchknit…… the Teddy Bear offered to try out the hat.     This is a new pattern for me, and the next one will be a bit bigger, more slouchier if you will.  This might wait for listing until the larger size is unveiled.  Makes more sense to put them up together.


One more piece of fabric was also lounging in the photo area here………………..

In the process of moving most everything in the sewing studio for the new lighting project………..I’m sticking to my plan of sorting and organizing everything I have to touch.   So, any fabric I can’t come up with an idea for…….I’m offering it up to other crafters.  This one should be up in the shops supply section tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Wednesday & Wednesdays are my favorite since I get to knit almost all day!  Can it get much better?  Knitting group in the AM:  visiting with a group of smart, creative women, add great coffee and a table full of yarn goodness, and you can see why it is a high point in the week.  Wednesday afternoon I get to knit again with Melinda, who is a new knitter, which keeps me on top of my game.  Nothing like teaching something to make you better at what you do. (hopefully)  I’m forever fascinated by how people learn new skills and seeing someone get excited about making fabric from yarn & sticks is just so much fun!




One thought on “Coming Soon

  1. So… I’m your slightly infamous Melinda… and I can definitely say the cream crocheted hat is DA BOMB (especially if you have a slightly smaller head than mine… I think I wear a 7.5)… so cute little triangles around the bottom and it’s way slouchy enough to be pulled over Beret style or worn straight back.

    On another note, I do not plan on letting anything happen to Sue. Yeah… I have made a lot of messes (and she very sweetly cleans them up for me) but I made my worst one EVER late last night (like 5 or 6 rows came off my row that I was knitting because I didn’t scrunch them down far enough) but I fixed it!!!! I had to put it down for a while… but I just fixed it. I don’t know how…but Sue is the BEST teacher in the world!!!!!! Plus, she’s a blast to hang out with! <# ~~M

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