Can I Get Busier?

Sure sign of Spring - Robin - Bird

It's spring, but I'm not ready!


Time has gone into overdrive here at my house.  WAY back in January, I signed up for a table at a local Spring Arts Fair.  Spring!  It seemed like some time way off in the future, right?  HA!  Well, April has arrived, the calendar says it’s Spring (in Seattle, one can never be sure) and I’m shuffling pages of notes, TO DO lists and aiming to have all my items priced before Saturdays sale.

I should have my head examined if I entertain this type of venture again.  Selling items on Etsy is a walk in the park compared to a local event.  I know I’ll forget something important, but I’m going to visit, ask for feedback on my products and have a good day away from home!!

I’ll post after the sale on the 14th.


I did gain some time after receiving an email from family scheduled to have a big Easter dinner here.  There has been a whooping cough outbreak at the dtrs school…………and they did not want to come here & expose our household.  So, we’ve rescheduled for much later this month.    All’s well…….no one has whooping cough, but the school has cautioned all the families to be watchful during the incubation period.  I had no idea I’d be so overjoyed about an outbreak of anything!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Can I Get Busier?

  1. YAY Whooping Cough! I never had it nor was i vaccinated to it… Does that mean a knitting party at your house? Or is it the other way around?

    • I can knit either way………after I get a 10AM Sat appointment finished. That, and I need a computer 911 appt. I’ve got an automatic update that needs to be caught prior to the update. Waiting for my magic PC gentleman to fit me in.

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