This is the week to complete my TO DO list for the Spring Arts Fair this Saturday.  Today I began the pricing/tagging and inventory piece.  This is a good exercise for me, as I’ve been pretty lax on my record keeping with my Etsy store items.       I also found things that I had not quite completed before listing them.  This scarf, for instance………..I found one of my ends of the yarn, which had not been woven in.  oops.  Fixed that.  Here’s the listing for this piece.

I also managed to get out of the house for a few errands.  (yeah, spring vacation is now a thing of the past & the big yellow bus visited our house this AM) I made a deposit at the bank, and now have the round of change for the sale.  I picked up a thank you gift so I’m ready for Saturdays sale.

Today felt like things are picking up in the studio.  After a very slow March, today brought 2 new client appointments and 2 items sold & shipped.  Both items are supplies, but I was happy to see the activity.

Supplies at Stitchknit        Stitchknit: Supplies The fabric went to England, and I’m still tweaking my shipping charges for these international packages.  I haven’t added a postage scale to my shop, so I’m still under charging for the shipping fees.  Will adjust these again.

The elastic is my most popular item.  It is also the item I have the most of. Cases of each one of the 4 colors!  This has to be the easiest item too, as the listing can be renewed with the click of a button!  Easy, peasy.


Tomorrows’ list includes a few more errands.  I still want a wig stand, or a head of some sort to display hats on and I’m needing a spray adhesive to finish  part of my display.  Also need some key ring hardware, hand sanitizer and the all important snacks

My goal is to match up the days with the TO DO list……..   I can hope!


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