Did You Make May Baskets as a Kid?

One of my many childhood memories………..May Baskets.  First, I got to make a basket, usually out of paper.  Construction or even newsprint sometimes.  Typically, cone shaped, with a handle on the top, so the basket could hang from a door knob.  (getting ahead of myself here.)  Then, off to the garden, to take the best blossoms of anything in bloom on May first.   Then, there was the difficulty of matching the size of the flowers to the size of the basket already constructed.  (would have been better to start with the flowers!)  Once the baskets were done & filled………….I got to sneak quietly to the porches of the neighbors, leaving a basket on their front door.  More exciting still, was the ringing of the doorbell (for those who had one……..otherwise it was knocking) and then dashing for home, without the neighbors seeing me.

I had fun gathering items for a May Basket themed treasury here.  Enjoy!

Oh, and let me know if you ever made a May Basket for someone.  And, did you get to ring the bell & run for cover?  🙂

‘A May Day Tradition’ by StitchKnit

Anyone else remember making May Baskets filled with flowers & hanging them on neighbors doorknobs………..ringing the bell………..and running away?

Spring photography pink tuli…


May Day Cross Stitch Embroid…


may flowers watercolor print


May Flowers Dish Towel – Ha…


Tussie Mussie Cone with Nest…


May Flower Earrings in Sea f…


Quilled Magnet 46 – April s…


Basket Bouquet


May Flowers. Original collag…


White Tulips – Cross stitch …


Children’s Wall Art Prin…


Soy Wax Candle 6 oz. – May F…


May Lily of the Valley Flowe…


Customizable Small Floral / …


19th Century May Day Custom …


Petal Basket


Treasury tool supported by website usability testing


2 thoughts on “Did You Make May Baskets as a Kid?

  1. That is such a lovely tradition!! I never did that, but it’s something I would see myself having my kids do. It’s just something so fun and also very sweet to bring some joy to neighbors with the nice gesture!

    • Thanks for commenting! I agree, the May Basket idea is just fun from all angles. Making the basket, gathering all the flowers……..sharing the creation with neighbors and the best part……….running away, thinking you are being SO sneaky! 🙂

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