Feels Like Spring

Spending days in the garden does make it feel like spring!  The rhubarb is almost ready to harvest for the first bowl of sauce, the strawberry beds are half way cleaned out and my back hurts.  Spring it is!

I felt like a little spring knitting was in order too.  Love the colors of this cotton yarn.  Have 2 of the scarves listed and 2 still in line for pictures. (that picture taking part takes longer than the knitting)

Pastel Knit Scarf


I made all 4 scarves using the Universal Scarf Pattern, which I love for it’s ability to stay flat, not roll at the edges.  This picture is on my mannequin with a knit ‘skin’ on her.  I was hoping for more of a neutral look, instead, this version looks VERY pink.  Not sure which one I’m leaning towards.    Opinions?




Universal Cotton Scarf        The other 2 colors are pink and blue, both very pastel.  Love this little wisps of scarf.  Lightweight, yummy colors and all cotton.  A great combination.

These two are listed with my other scarf creations here.


I had the crochet hooks out too, making a few of these little flowers and attaching them to hair clips.

            Other colors coming…….Again, waiting for the picture taking event here.







Currently working on finishing an item for a client………….here’s the progress pic.

Custom OrderThis is past the halfway point, as of tonight I have just 3 skeins of the blue to knit.  Taking this project to tomorrows knit group, so with 2 full hours of knitting, there is a chance this is going to be finished up this week.  Can’t wait to block and finish & then  ship this off to the client.  Love, love, love doing work like this.  Finishing things that, for some reason, the original knitter is not able to complete. So much better than yet another project languishing in a bag in someones’ closet.

I’ll be sure to post a pic of the finished product before it gets packaged up…..




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