Waiting for the Mail

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.  I just ordered a set of Harmony Needles from Knit Picks. 

I’ve had an interchangeable set of needles since the first ones were on the market years ago.  My old ones are great, and they have knit many a project…….however, the connections have a habit of not staying connected.  This makes for some exciting knitting, I can tell you!

To make this purchase even sweeter…………I received a Gift Card to Knit Picks, from 3 lovely women I knit with.  I knew I wanted to purchase something with this gift that  I would have for years and something I would use often.  The needles seemed like a great idea and then in my In Box today….the sets of needles were on a huge sale!  I can’t think of anything that would make this more like Christmas!

I love the Harmony needles and am more than anxious to get them all working!

Too tired tonight to find a picture that shows how beautiful these needles are.    This does not do them justice.  As soon as they arrive, I’ll be sure to share in the needle goodness!

To my friends…………….     Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Mail

  1. These are my fav needles! They feel really great to knit with and are beautiful to look at. Whenever I order yarn from KnitPicks I add a pr of straights or DPs to my order 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback on the needles! I have a friend at a knit group, who bought the sample pack…….so I got to see/feel them. I was lusting after them already! I received the email from Knit Picks, saying my order had been shipped. I’ll camp out by the mail box……

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