I Love Special Orders

Here’s the baby blanket I’m finishing for Client M…………  She had contacted me through Stitchknit on Etsy, to see if I would be interested in finishing her baby blanket.

I really love working on other people’s’ knitting (or crocheting).  Something about finding the right tension, matching the work, I don’t know.  But, I love this type of work.

M. had just started knitting, working with a neighbor.  Unfortunately, her neighbor was no longer able to assist……..and the blanket languished.  I received the blanket when it had the border and 2 sets of the basket weave pattern.

All I have left, is to tie in the ends, and block this little blanket.  Hoping to wrap it up, and get it in the mail on Wednesday.  We’ll see how the week goes…………..   Just as soon as I make definite plans, something goes awry.


If you know of anyone wanting a knit or crochet project completed, please pass my info along.  I’d love to continue helping out in this way.


Here in the studio, I made up a sample of a shrug a client wants for a wedding this month.  Forgot to take a picture!  She wanted the shrug longer, but the way the design is………….longer isn’t a simple fix.  Since time is important on this job, I think I’ll try to get her in to try this mock-up on.  I think we need to start with a different design, as the word shrug implies it is going to be a little bit of a jacket/sweater/shawl sort of event.  Long sleeves and something long enough to cover ones tummy and down to the bottom in the back…………that says jacket to me.    If I have time, I’ll make up something longer, to give us something to compare to.    I can already feel myself running out of time on this one!




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