Knitting Break~ Crocheted Hat Completed

I needed a break from not only the knitting………..but the sewing room and the white board with the Orders Due on it.

After digging around in my yarn stash and finding some emerald green yarn,  I decided to give the Slouch Hat a second go.  The first one is good, but seemed tight on some adult sized heads.  By this evening, Slouch Hat #2 is complete.  Not listed yet, but complete.

Crocheted Slouch Hat by Stitchknit


I’m loving this pattern as well as the hat!  Worst part is, I don’t wear hats.  I look like I belong in a circus if I wear a hat.  So, I’m resigned to making hats.

Here’s Slouch Hat #1, in my Etsy shop.  I’m anxious to see this on someone, to see if there is enough slouch, or too much??  What do you think?  Especially interested if you’re a hat wearer.


Working with my hands, and my Etsy shop are the only things keeping me sane these days.    Caring for my mom is challenging to me; I do well most of the time, but find that resentment creeps in on occasion.  She has so many complicated things going on in her life, and we’re still at the stage where she is handling most of them.  When things get too difficult, she then hands the situation over to me.

This week, it was a real estate situation, specifically a landlord ‘event’.  (I’m the worlds worst landlord……therefore, the bottom of the barrel to handle this new deal with her tenant)  Definitely not ‘handled’ yet, but a tentative solution in the works.  One more tenant to meet when he gets back in the country, then an empty property to figure out what to do with.  Ick, ick, ick.  I’d  much rather be sewing!

The other issue is my mom has a twin, who is not feeling well.  So, therefore………..thattwin thing makes my mom not feel well.  Nothing specific, just not feeling well.  Lots of ginger ale & ginger tea these days……    I’m in uncharted territory here, as the twins are going to be 90 in a little over a month, and realistically, we will be dealing with more health related issues rather than less……   I am sure to keep up with my knitting though, as it’s great to grab a project to take to doctors offices, or just to sit down & keep mom company.

Whining over.  At least for tonight.








4 thoughts on “Knitting Break~ Crocheted Hat Completed

    • I don’t remember where I got the pattern, I just have it as a Word document. I’d be happy to share, if you want to give me your email. The written pattern is for the smaller sized hat I have listed in my shop. The green hat is my experiment with a larger hook, and adding 3 rows of ‘slouch’. I can add my notes if you like.

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