Shop Feature: Elves In The Attic


This card is the reason for this post.  I looked all over last week, for a card for a family member who has recently lost a dog.  Being a dog lover, I know how that can set your world on edge.  There is a gaping hole in ones’ heart, that just doesn’t seem like it is ever going to heal.

Anyway, I knew I had seen cards in the past, but now, when I needed one, wouldn’t you know it, Nothing!


Sometimes, the logical, simple solutions are right in front of ones face.  Literally.

I was at the local meet up, with other Etsy shop owners and after telling them what I was looking for, Julie, from Elves in the Attic, said…….  I have one of those!  She pulled it up on the computer & it was perfect. The hint of the doggie paw prints on the front are so sweet!

Julie changed the wording to We’re Sorry, and brought it to my home!      Beautiful & detailed workmanship by a talented artist.

Great example of the shopping local feature on Etsy!  Even better that we knew each other from the local meet up…………My fault for not thinking of her right off the bat!




On the home front………….      I think the days are numbered here, until I seriously have NO marbles left.    As some of you know, I have moved in to assist my mom, who is soon to be 90!    She is doing well compared to her twin sister who has arrived this week, for an extended stay.  My aunt is experiencing so many health ‘issues’, that I’m not sure which ones to work on first.

The house now reminds me of the years I worked in the health care field, with seniors.  The bit that gets to me first, is the heat!  Here we are in mid-May, and our heat is up to 75 AND, there is a fire going in the wood stove.  I’m hiding in the basement sewing studio for a few minutes…………….grabbing some quiet time, as well as some fresh air in here.  Anything over 72 and I start to fade fast.

Not much sewing getting done, but lots of knitting time.  Doctors for all the issues, adds up to many hours in waiting rooms.  I may finish sock #2 sooner than expected!  🙂




3 thoughts on “Shop Feature: Elves In The Attic

  1. It’s great to know people that can help you with something you need! And the card is very lovely. I can’t imagine losing my pets, I know it will happen one day, but rather think it’s far away.

    As for your mom I’m glad she is well for the most part and I hope that all the “issues” with your aunt can be taken care of and that they are both in the best health they can be!

    I also know what you mean about the heat- that must be REALLY difficult to deal with. I hope that your knitting can get you through it, and that you get many moments of calm and cool 🙂

    • I thought I had replied to you, but it has disappeared. My brains are obviously fried. The heat is making me nuts! Has to be 80 in the house……..I’ve escaped to my unheated studio & have the windows open. Heaven.

      Thanks for stopping in!

      • Haha that has happened to me once or twice. And don’t worry I understand heat being from South Florida.

        Glad you have an oasis to escape to though 🙂

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